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Tuesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/13/2016 5:43 pm
QB Eli Manning

December 13, 2016

Q: One of the guys who sticks out on Detroit is Darius Slay, he can go slot, he can go outside, he can go left, he can go right. What problems does he present?

A: He's a good player. They usually travel him with the best receivers so expect him to follow Odell around most of the day. He's doing a good job, he's making plays, a lot of breakups, a couple interceptions late in the game, sealed some games. We got to watch his technique and see what routes we can run versus him. They do a good job of using him in different ways.

Q: Do you feel like you're struggling at all the last couple of weeks? What's your reaction to the way you've been playing?

A: Well, I got to play better. Got to find completions, got to protect the football better. That's what's got to happen in these type of games and you get into December, you got to protect the football. That's the most important thing right now.

Q: With the defense playing the way they are; does that make it more clear that you have to just do your job?

A: That's what I'm trying to do, do my job, find completions, score points, move the ball. We got to clean some things up and I got to play better and smarter football.

Q: There's been some conjecture that all these years are pounding and catching up to you. Do you feel that in any way?

A: No, feel good, feel healthy, feel like I can still throw it. Just got to make the decision when things aren't looking clean.

Q: Is there a sense of frustration in the way you played?

A: Yeah, I want to play better. We just got to understand, hey, I know I can play well, I know I can make the plays and get hot. Just have to stand in there and make the plays. I'm going to keep working and go in every week confident that I can go out there and have a great game.

Q: What gives you that confidence?

A: Just the way we practiced, knowing that I've played well this season and know that there's plays out there and given the right situations, I'll make the plays and do what's needed.

Q: How exciting is to be in this situation?

A: Yeah, big win. We got to keep finding ways to win. Defense is playing outstanding but we got to help them out. We got to score more points, give them a lead and don't make it hard on them.

Q: Do you pay attention to the critics or are you motivated by that?

A: No, just doing my job. So preparing each and every week to get better, look at the film. I'm my toughest critic and see what I can do well and see what I can do better each and every week.

Q: Although the running game did not have a 100 yards total, the balance between run and pass was almost 50/50, how critical is that?

A: In these cold weather games, you got to run the ball. Had some nice run, had some good things so we got to just keep doing that, be balanced and that should help out everything and put us in a position to score some points.

Q: It feels like every week you guys talk about improving as an offense, is there a point where you start to worry that it may not happen?

A: No. We've had good games; we've had explosive games. You watch the film and you see the opportunities, just had some unfortunate plays. Missed Odell on a go down the sidelines and next play I'm going to have a receiver open for another possible touchdown, ball slips out of the hand. I had sack fumbles, had a guy jump a curl. Just some bad plays at critical moments that are easily fixable, we can easily reverse and make them. Would have had opportunities to score more points than we did the other night.

Q: That was probably one of the biggest wins in years, biggest win of the year in general. How do you stop from a letdown? Even though Detroit's in first place, they've been under the radar.

A: We're fighting for playoff spots. We don't have time to let down or relax or start feeling good about ourselves. We got to improve offensively, we know we got to improve, we got to play better and keep finding ways to win.

Q: How do you guys improve that?

A: Have a great plan and go and make the plays that are there to be made. It's not changing too much; it's just making plays that are there to be made.

Q: What do you say to the idea that the offensive line just isn't good enough for this offense to function at a high level?

A: Offensive line, they're hanging in there, they're playing tough, they're giving us opportunities to make plays. We got to make the plays that are there. Defenses are going to pressure, they're going to have opportunities to have sacks, we just got to make sure it's just a sack and not leading to fumbles or causing the turnovers and bad plays. They're going to give us opportunities to run the ball and have time to throw it and get the ball down the field and make plays.

Q: When you had an opportunity the other day to go back and look at the game, what was your self-assessment?

A: Made some throws and just had some unfortunate plays. The ball slipping out of the hand, got to protect the ball on the sack and can't afford the fumble. The guy jumped a curl route, just unfortunate right there. A couple others where you just got to make a smart decision. See opportunities where there are chances to make plays, whether it's me making it, receivers making a play, offensive line making a play. It's just everybody doing their job a little bit better.

Q: I saw that one place calculated that you got rid of the ball in 2.2 seconds, does that mean anything to you?

A: No. I don't know what's average or if that's a lot or little. Just have my reads and try and get out on time.

Q: Is there such as thing as getting the ball out too quickly? Is that possible?

A: It just depends on the play. Depends on what you're calling. Are you calling stuff down the field or are you calling three-step drops. Again, I wouldn't know how to time each pass, I wouldn't know how to rate that.

Q: Mentally, where are you at right now?

A: I'm good. Offensively, we can get on and we have some play makers. We got to just give them opportunities to make the plays and we'll be in good shape.

Q: What hurts more, a fumble or an interception?

A: All turnovers are the same. You can't afford them.

Q: Can you guys consistently win a game like you did on Sunday?

A: No, you're not going win any games when you turn the ball over and score 10 points. We understand that and we'll fix it.

Q: Kind of like dodging a bullet for you?

A: Play the situation. Defense was playing great. Obviously scored more points than Dallas did so we're feeling better than they are right now.

Q: Does it dampen a win and we're talking about the offense?

A: I think you're always excited about a win, you take each one. You definitely look at your play and look at your performance and you could feel better after win I guess if you play better. Enjoy the win but always be a critic and watch the film and see how you're playing and see what you can do better.
Wow one question about Detroit  
shelovesnycsports : 12/13/2016 5:50 pm : link
our Reporters are Frigging Hacks looking for controversy and bubble gum journalism. Go watch how the Green bay reporters do an interview.
No one is tougher  
Big Blue '56 : 12/13/2016 6:29 pm : link
on Eli than Eli..He'll put it together, imo..I have zero doubts..He's a winner. THIS is his time of year. Hopefully it starts Sunday
RE: Wow one question about Detroit  
Danny Kanell : 12/13/2016 7:29 pm : link
In comment 13266244 shelovesnycsports said:
our Reporters are Frigging Hacks looking for controversy and bubble gum journalism. Go watch how the Green bay reporters do an interview.

I agree BB56  
exiled : 12/13/2016 7:36 pm : link
After all the Eli has done for this team, after re-asserting himself after all the crap he got during the 2013 season (another nightmare O-line), this guy deserves the benefit of the doubt.
Gettin' hammered on the Eli drinking game:  
CT Charlie : 12/13/2016 8:11 pm : link
Make plays.
Clean things up.
Play better.
Do our job.
Score points.
I got Eli for  
Bluesbreaker : 12/13/2016 10:39 pm : link
3 TD's this Sunday 1pm
Is Eli concussed?  
Harvest Blend : 12/14/2016 7:59 am : link
or is this transcribed in shorthand?

Weird interview.
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