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Wednesday Media Transcript: S Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/14/2016 3:55 pm
S Landon Collins

December 14, 2016

Q: You guys have done pretty well as a defense at the end of the games and they have done well coming back from 4th quarter deficits. How do you think you match-up in that regard?

A: We do well. We like to finish in the fourth quarter. Like I said, last year when we had the chances to finish in the fourth quarter, we didnít. Now we get to showcase that.

Q: What has made you able to do that this year?

A: Just the mindset that we have, the chemistry, the determination and just knowing the defense as a whole.

Q: When you hear all the positive things about the Giants defense coming off that win over Dallas, what is your reaction?

A: That is what we have been doing all year and just keep showcasing that all the time and playing our ball.

Q: What is it about this group coming together and how has it come about?

A: Like I always said, it always starts with our front line and Snacks gets us right. He stays on top of us and he is just a role model and a team leader and him being hard on himself makes us be hard on ourselves and he makes sure that we see that we need to do better in every circumstance.

Q: What do you see from Detroit on film?

A: Offensive wise, they have been great. They have a quarterback that knows how to get the ball to receivers and they have receivers who are going to get down field when they get the ball in their hands and you have got to tackle. You have got to tackle. You see a lot of missed tackles on their receivers and they get the ball downfield even more, so just make sure that when they get the ball they donít get extra yards.

Q: As a team leader, how do you keep these guys from being satisfied with one win in December?

A: As a leader, you take it to practice. We showcase where we could have been beat or where we need help at and we stay on top of that and make sure that we read our keys and be sound in those positons because any given moment, you can get beat.

Q: How big is the game this week in your mind?

A: We are treating it like it is a playoff game. This is a playoff caliber team, they have been there a couple times now and that is how we are treating it and we tried to do that against the Steelers and we didnít come out with the win that we wanted to, so we are trying to do that this week.

Q: Golden Tate is a receiver who plays bigger than he is. How do you deal with that?

A: You try to match his intensity and you hit him in the mouth like he is going to try and hit us in the mouth and you fight all the way until the end and the person who wins the battle at the end usually wins the game.
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