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Thursday Media Transcript: DE Olivier Vernon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/15/2016 4:13 pm
DE Olivier Vernon

December 15, 2016

Q: For a team to be such a great comeback team like Detroit is, does it require another mentality to stop a team like that?

A: Itís a good team. Theyíve been having a really good year. The only thing we can do right now is just stick to Giant football. Make sure everyone is on the right page.

Q: How do you keep up the mentality of pedal to the metal after such a big win against Dallas?

A: Just being consistent. Thatís one thing a lot of people take pride in. Just being consistent one week at a time. Thatís the main thing and basically what weíve been doing all year. Just trying to get better, get better overall. There are still a lot of things that we still have to correct. Make ourselves a lot better. We just look forward to this Sunday.

Q: What is it about them on film that makes them so good in the fourth quarter?

A: They can make explosive plays. Thatís one of the key things, just making explosive plays on third down. Theyíre making plays when it counts. You do that, itís a dangerous team. Thatís why where they are right now is a good spot. Itís going to be a good football game.

Q: From the outside looking in, their rushing numbers are not great. It almost looks like theyíre a very pass-oriented team. Do you still have to keep in mind to stop the run first?

A: Theyíre still going to run the ball at a certain point in the game. We just have to know when theyíre going to do that. Itís just studying and making sure you know your opponent.

Q: They play indoors a lot of times. The fact that you guys have played in the elements and played in a wet, slick element last week. Does that give you any advantage?

A: Thatís something that weíre not even banking on. Weíre just preparing to play a good football team. We know theyíre coming in here and theyíre trying to win. They have the same goal in mind. We know itís going to be a good football team we have to face.

Q: What do you see from their rookie left tackle?

A: Heís coming along. Heís been able to keep Stafford clean. Heís a rookie, but at the end of the day, heís getting this experience, which is a good thing for him. Just have to see come Sunday. Itís going to be a good overall dog fight basically.

Q: Why do you think Stafford is having his best year?

A: I couldnít tell you. Heís been pretty good throughout his career. Heís a quarterback that can make plays happen and he can win games.
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