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Friday Media Transcript: Wide Receivers Coach Adam Henry

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/16/2016 4:14 pm
Wide Receivers Coach Adam Henry

December 16, 2016

Q: What do you see when Odell has one of those plays like last week on the slant?

A: I kind of expect it because he has big play ability. He can take a slant and take it to the house. I expect every time he gets the ball in his hands, heís able to do something big with it.

Q: Whatís the most impressive part of that play?

A: The burst of speed because of the angle. Once you catch the ball, split the defense and take it to the house. One guy had a chance to make a tackle, but he already escaped that.

Q: Did you ever see the one scouting report that questioned his vertical speed?

A: No, I never saw that.

Q: Would you ever mention it or tell whoever wrote it that itís wrong?

A: You have an opinion, but I donít think thatís true at all. Heís always been able to run and run fast.

Q: Whatís your journey been like with Victor Cruz?

A: Itís been good. Thereís ups and downs, just like in relationships. Thereís good and bad, but itís mostly good. Just got to stay the course. Itís a long season. Again, it is a marathon and not a sprint. Just stay with it.

Q: How much does a drop bother Odell?

A: It bothers him because heís his own worst critic. Most of the time you wonít find guys that are real critical of themselves when making plays. When he leaves something on the table, he critiques himself really hard. Thatís what he does. He beats himself up. Now, the transition is go to the next play and donít let it fall into the other plays.

Q: Has he gotten better at that?

A: Heís gotten much better.

Q: He shouldíve caught both though right?

A: Of course. Just trying to make a play. You have to watch it in till you tuck. That happens but the thing is, we try and limit that. You have to move on.
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