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Post-Game Transcript: Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/18/2016 5:26 pm
Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Postgame vs. Detroit, December 18, 2016

Great team win versus a very good football team. All three phases played a part. It's a short week, we have to enjoy this one fast.

Q: What did you think of the run game today and how much did that help?

A: It was good to get the attempts up. I thought we pounded it in there pretty good. Big guys were coming off the ball and it's encouraging.

Q: Can you talk about the punt game and the field position that put you in?

A: We had a good day on the punt team. Jonathan Casillas left a little bit early on the one block where they got the tip there. We were doing a nice job outside, getting down, covering those things and downing the ball inside the 10.

Q: What is it about playing at home that's helped you guys this year?

A: I think we’ve got to give the crowd some credit. They were loud today, they got after them a little bit and that's always encouraging when the crowd gets behind you. I think from a communication standpoint, it helps offensively and the noise helps on defense.

Q: On Dwayne Harris and the return game.

A: Dwayne's a good teamer. He really helps our coverage teams, whether it's kickoff coverage or punt coverage. He's a tough man to handle out there and a load for a receiver, very physical.

Q: On the defense holding the Lions to six points.

A: The defense, they hold teams to six points, we're going to win a lot of ball games. That's tough to do in this league, especially against a team like that with that many weapons. But defense played lights-out today.

Q: How's Janoris Jenkins?

A: He took a knee to the back and he's still being evaluated.

Q: Was he taken to the hospital?

A: As far as I know, he's being evaluated.

Q: The touchdown to Odell, what did you see there?

A: We sent a formation out there, they adjusted, we adjusted…they adjusted, we adjusted and it was a tremendous effort by Odell to come up with that catch, getting it over the pylon for the touchdown.

Q: How did you think Eli Manning played?

A: I thought Eli was very good today. I thought he was solid in the conditions. It was a different type game to play quarterback in, but he took completions and you can't go broke taking a profit.

Q: On the importance of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie's play on the long completion…

A: We knew it was going to be an effort day. You need to play the down and finish. As long as we can keep playing defense after another play, then that' s great. Chasing the guy down on big plays and it was big. If we can come out and keep playing defense after a big play, it gives us a chance.

Q: Were you going to go for it on 4th down if you didn't make the touchdown?

A: We were thinking about it.

Q: How did Justin Pugh do coming back and how did Ereck Flowers rebound from last week?

A: I thought the big guys came off the ball, played physical upfront, played as a unit. We'll have to go back and take a look at the tape but it was a good day for the big guys.

Q: As these games get tighter and tighter, do you still think of Eli Manning as that clutch player who can go win it at the end?

A: Yeah, without a doubt.

Q: Why do you think your defense has been so successful the past few weeks?

A: I think the last couple of weeks they're playing well together as a unit; they're feeding off of each other, feeding off of the crowd noise, that helps. They seem to be gelling as a unit, doing their own job, playing hard, playing with great effort and executing.

Q: Eli sat at his locker the day and said he had to play better. For him to say that and then come out and play like he did, did that tell you anything you didn't know?

A: No, saying it and doing it, they're two different things. We talk about I need to coach better and our offensive players need to play a little bit better and I thought we played a better game offensively today, put up 17 points but we played better as an offense.

Q: On the challenge that you lost in the first-half, what explanation did you get?

A: We saw the ball moving a little bit and a knee on the white, it was the first half so we took a shot at it.

Q: Over the past two weeks you've taken down two of the NFC's best teams. Do you think a message has been sent to the rest of the league?

A: No, we won a ball game during the course of a week. That's all you can do, win one a week. We’ve got a short week; we have to get ready for this one in a hurry.

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