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Post-Game Transcript: DT Johnathan Hankins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/18/2016 6:02 pm
DT Johnathan Hankins

Postgame vs Detroit, December 18, 2016

Q: This was a matchup of an offense that finds ways to win late in games and a defense that finds a way to close out games. How were you able to win that battle?

A: Just trusting one another. Just going out there and executing. Coach put a good game plan in and we just went out there and executed.

Q: 10 wins is a big number.

A: Yes, it is. Especially since Iíve been here. You canít really look at the wins. We just have to continue to focus on the one we have at hand. We have a big turnaround against Philly, so we have to get ready for them.

Q: Was this a bittersweet win? It was a good win but youíre still expecting more. What does that say about this team?

A: Yes, we left some plays out there. We didnít execute the best that we should. Thereís always room to get better. You donít want to say youíre perfect or doing the best that you are in that situation in time. Just have to continue to get better each week and win games.

Q: How has this defense been able to hold it together?

A: Just trusting one another. Just going out there and believing that the other guy next to you is going to get the job done. Just playing and having fun. When youíre having fun, you know you could win games. It seems like itís getting easier out there.

Q: Do you think this is a championship caliber defense?

A: I think we can be. We lost a couple of guys but we have some young guys that are stepping up and playing well. Just everyone counting on each other and holding everyone accountable. Thatís all we can do out there.

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