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Monday Conference Call Transcript: RB Paul Perkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/19/2016 3:26 pm
RB Paul Perkins

December 19, 2016

Q: Thoughts on the running game yesterday?

A: It was really good. The offensive line has been doing a tremendous job these past couple of weeks. All the running backs have been continuing to improve.

Q: How has the game been slowing down for you? It looks like youíre getting more pass protection and what not. Does it slow down for you?

A: Definitely. The offensive line has been helping me out a lot. Definitely the game slowing down has been part of me just watching film and learning from the older guys.

Q: When you say the offensive line has been helping you out a lot, do you watch film with them or do anything extra with them to understand the blocking scheme?

A: Yes. After one of our practices, the quarterbacks, running backs and offensive line all have a meeting to go over pass protection and how theyíre going to fit all the runs and passes.

Q: Your carries have jumped the past few weeks. How much more of a rhythm do you feel like youíre in?

A: Any running back gets more comfortable the more touches they get. Itís crucial for us to be able to run the ball in December.

Q: Do you feel you are comfortable to take on even more carries?

A: Yes. Thatís what we need. We need for the running game to step up and play as a big factor in December.

Q: What are your thoughts on Christian McCaffrey not playing in this bowl game to focus on his pro career?

A: I didnít even know until right now. Itís his decision. I canít say one way or another.

Q: Did you ever consider not playing in the bowl game?

A: No. It was the last game and opportunity to be able to play with my teammates. I thought it was going to be a tremendous opportunity to go out there and showcase my talents.

Q: There is a theory that the more touches a running back gets, the better he gets in the game. Do you find that that is true?

A: Whenever any player is able to get in a rhythm, whether itís running backs, receivers, whoever, the game starts to slow down and you get more comfortable.

Q: How often do you talk about winning the Super Bowl?

A: Not at all. Coach McAdoo does a great job of keeping it one game at a time. One game mentality and just focusing on the week by week.

Q: So it never comes up in meetings and things like that?

A: No.

Q: How fresh does your body feel? You have not taken the pounding like you have in college. Do you think, personally, that if you get the ball more, you can be an impact player down the stretch and into the playoffs?

A: I definitely feel great right now. Itís up to everyone to step up. As the season goes on, itís going to be crucial for everyone to improve and go above the Xís and Oís.

Q: What do you think about playing two games within four days? How are you going to approach it?

A: Iíve done it before. Iíve done it in college one time. Itís a really hard thing to do, come back and play. Coach McAdoo has a great plan for us so we can be fresh for the game on Thursday.

Q: When did you do it in college?

A: My senior year. We had a Saturday game and then a Thursday night game.

Q: What do you remember from that experience?

A: Itís just a quick transition from one team to another team. For us, coming off of a win, we have to get this one out of our heads and focus on Philadelphia.

Q: What are you guys doing today? What are you concentrating on today?

A: Just focused on Philadelphia, how we can scheme, and what they do well.
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