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Tuesday Media Transcript: CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/20/2016 5:27 pm
CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

December 20, 2016

Q: When you look at the space up there (trophy case) and they say that they want the next team up there, how much of a motivation is it to say that your part of that team?

A: Itís a big motivation especially when you realize that you have the team to do it. You have the coaches, the guys and the organization that spent some time and got everything together. The main thing is just you donít want to be a let down. You go out there and fight harder to do that.

Q: What was your reaction when Ben (McAdoo) started pressing that daily?

A: Thatís everyoneís goal. Youíre going to hear it and hear it. To keep harping on it, I always said in your mind, you know what time it is. Itís like all or nothing.

Q: What would you say of the things heís done well?

A: I would just say keeping everyone focused and grounded. Just remaining humble. Even when he had the adversity at first. Started off 2-0 and then you lose three in a row. Being a new coach, it hit hard. I think the main thing he did was just stay the course. He always comes in here and hasnít changed since day one. Most people get a little tight and jumpy but I think he stayed the course.

Q: When you think of after that third loss, there wasnít any change?

A: No. My man came in and put a slide up. It was a funny slide and a joke. I knew it was something funny because thatís what he does.

Q: A couple of guys have said that heís funny?

A: Yes, heís very funny. Especially on Saturday meetings, heíll always have something for you.

Q: Heís able to take a joke?

A: Heís gives out jokes and he knows how to take them. He just knows how to have fun.

Q: The offense guys knew him to a better degree. How would you say he made himself known to the whole team? Did he have to make an extra effort towards the defense?

A: I think he did. I remember during the offseason when we got the offensive coordinator (as a head coach) and a lot of people were asking questions about him. I told them that I didnít know him much. Heís a quiet guy and came in and just coached. I didnít talk to him as much as I talk to him now. I think he made himself available for us to talk to him, get a feel for him and understand him.

Q: Coach of the Year candidate?

A: Definitely. You look at the program; heís changed it around. We have 10 wins. It would be better if we just go out and finish this season. It would be a lot better for him.

Q: You obviously had big things that came up with Josh Brown and Colin Kaepernick how did he handle that internally with you guys?

A: He always did. When something came up he would bring it into a meeting and talk about it. He got a view of it. He let guys interact and make a decision from there. Heís always been fair with that as far as getting the players involved and letting the leaders take that.

Q: What did you expect out of him as a head coach?

A: I didnít have any expectations. I was just trying to make sure that I was here.

Q: Not many of these guys have played in the playoffs. Itís all new to these guys.

A: I think Snacks said it best last week. He stood up in front of the team and said that he didnít know how to win. He has never been to the Super Bowl. He said he knew guys that have. He called out Casillas and Cruz and told them that they were the guys that we have to follow and model ourselves after. Thatís the approach that most guys have to take.
I agree with this...  
Dan in the Springs : 12/20/2016 7:43 pm : link
Q: What would you say of the things heís done well?

A: I would just say keeping everyone focused and grounded. Just remaining humble.

I've been so impressed with the team's focus this year. These guys all seem to be entirely focused on winning the next game - not getting caught up in the storylines written/talked about in the media.

Also - love what Snacks said about Casillas and Cruz. Could have included JPP, DeOssie, Beatty and Eli in that as well. More signs of humility from this team - instead of clamoring for their own attention they seek to share praise with others.
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