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Tuesday Media Transcript: CB Janoris Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/20/2016 5:29 pm
CB Janoris Jenkins

December 20, 2016

Q: How are you feeling?

A: Iím feeling good. Iím feeling alright.

Q: Do you think you are going to be playing on Thursday?

A: I donít know. I am just focused on getting better every day and we will see what happens.

Q: What can you do now? Can you run?

A: I am moving. Like I said, I am just going to continue the progress every day and we will see what happens.

Q: You seem like you are in a pretty good mood, so I guess that is going pretty well.

A: I mean, like I said, I am just going to keep progressing every single day, trying to get better, staying on top of my treatment and staying focused.

Q: Could you take us through what happened on the field with your injury?

A: I think we were in a cover two and the tight end broke on an out route and I dove at the ball and I felt something kick me in the back and I didnít know what it was and then I found out it was Trevin Wade.

Q: How scared were you at the time?

A: I was scared, but I am glad that it wasnít anything serious and I am glad that I got the result that I got.

Q: Obviously Trevin didnít do it intentionally, but have you guys talked since?

A: Oh, no. He said sorry, he didnít try and do it. A teammate, I said that I understand, man. We were both playing football, trying to get a go at the ball and that was it.

Q: I think DRC said that you tried to come back in at halftime.

A: Yeah, I tried. But the doctors wanted to do what they wanted to do and I just stuck with it.

Q: Is it just a bruise?

A: It is just a bruise, man. That is what it is.

Q: Bruises can be very painful.

A: I mean, yeah, it is painful, but treatment, ice, stim, hot pack Ė just continue to stay on top of it and try to stay better.

Q: If this was a Sunday game, would you be more optimistic?

A: I am just focused on getting better, man. Each and every day.

Q: But your timeframe is more limited.

A: It is, but treatment and just staying on top of it and doing the right things about it, anything is possible.

Q: Is there anything that you feel you canít do right now, physically?

A: I have got feeling. I feel good sometimes, but then again it is pain, but I just have to take treatment.

Q: Is there pain when you run?

A: I havenít gotten that far. I have just been doing treatment and going through the progress.

Q: Do you have to think about the risk and reward with reinjuring yourself with such big games coming up in the future?

A: I just think about getting better and just being available when I am. Basically that is it, whether it is a Thursday or a Sunday.

Q from Odell Beckham: I heard that you are the best corner in the league. The experts are saying that statistically and just off their eyes alone that you are the best corner in the league. How do you feel about that?

A: Well, Odell, I donít have anything to say. You know how I am. I just like to play football and have fun.

Q: You have been waiting your whole career to make the playoffs, I would imagine. Now it is here and you might not be on the field for the possible clincher. Is that hard to digest?

A: You canít predict the future, man. Like I said, continue to get better and if I am out there, then I am out there.

Q: What is it like to know that if you guys do win on Thursday you clinch the playoffs?

A: It would feel good. Especially on my behalf, me having not made the playoffs before or coming this far. It would be good; it would be a good feeling.

Q: I donít know if you know this, but DRC said that when you went down the rest of the secondary elevated their level of play for you. They were really strong about that feeling for you.

A: They understand how serious I take the game and how I try to let them feed off of me and they just want to go out and play for me. They are my brothers and I appreciate that.

Q: Have you ever had anything like this before?

A: I have had injuries, yes. But progress.

Q: Has that bond between you guys in the secondary gotten stronger as the season has gone on?

A: Of course. I can truly say yes. We do a lot of things together on and off the field and just joking around and having fun and no one gets mad for cracking jokes or telling stories, it is just brotherly love.

Q: Have you ever been in a situation like that?

A: Yeah, I have been around. But we are just so tight to where it is kind of different, so we are going to continue to build and see where it goes.

Q: Now that you are almost through a whole season with him, what do you think of Landon Collins?

A: Oh, terrific, man. He is a baller. They said that he had problems last year, but after this year, I see something different. He is making a lot of plays and just being a leader on the backend, just communicating, making the calls and keeping everyone on the same page.

Q: If you canít go, what did the secondary show you the other day in closing out that game?

A: The next man up can handle the business, can handle the responsibility that he has prepared for each game.
Just when I thought these Q and A's  
Big Blue '56 : 12/20/2016 5:34 pm : link
can't get anymore stupid, this one comes along..
Trevin Wade  
Jimmy Googs : 12/20/2016 5:51 pm : link
not a fan and that's being nice...
Ain't That The Truth ...  
Bluesbreaker : 12/20/2016 6:00 pm : link
Just when I thought these Q and A's
Big Blue '56 : 5:34 pm : link : reply
can't get anymore stupid, this one comes along..

Always Scratching when he simply gave the answer that it's day to day in his progression . These guys are flat out
annoying you wonder why they get abused from time to time.
You don't get an ounce of important Info in the question line.
I wonder is he's  
Stan in LA : 12/20/2016 6:02 pm : link
Continuing to get better?
RE: I wonder is he's  
Big Blue '56 : 12/20/2016 6:08 pm : link
In comment 13278720 Stan in LA said:
Continuing to get better?

RE: Just when I thought these Q and A's  
chris r : 12/20/2016 6:45 pm : link
In comment 13278653 Big Blue '56 said:
can't get anymore stupid, this one comes along..

Yeah, wtf was this?

Q: If this was a Sunday game, would you be more optimistic?

A: I am just focused on getting better, man. Each and every day.

Q: But your timeframe is more limited.

No shit.
Did OBJ  
Pete in MD : 12/20/2016 6:56 pm : link
jump in and ask that very flattering question?
Yes - OBJ asked a question...  
Dan in the Springs : 12/20/2016 7:29 pm : link
this was actually one of my favorite reads this year (from player interviews). I absolutely love that OBJ jumped in and asked that awesome question. There he is - sharing love and respect for his teammate, apex-predator to apex-predator like.
agree with  
ColHowPepper : 12/21/2016 12:06 pm : link
Doc's and JimmyGoogs' takes, such stupidity, and friggin Trevin Wade, enough with this shit for brains
Nothing good ever happens when Trevin Wade is around the ball.  
Brown Recluse : 12/21/2016 1:53 pm : link
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