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Tuesday Media Transcript: RB Rashad Jennings

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/27/2016 4:31 pm
RB Rashad Jennings

December 27, 2016

Q: Offensively, what do you hope to accomplish this week? Obviously you have the luxury of not having to win the game to get in but do you feel like you want to try and get the running game settled in?

A: Yes, no doubt. We need our best ball to be ahead offensively, to be complimentary to our defense that has been playing lights out for us this whole entire year. This is a good way to end the year going into 2017 with a good taste in how weíre running the ball and moving the ball on offense. How weíre efficient and scoring points on offense. Itís going to be a good defense that gets fired up. This is do or die. Weíre going to have to go in there with that mentality.

Q: How do you feel personally, making the playoffs for the first time?

A: Iím excited. You play the game to make that stepping stone. To get to the seventeenth game. Thatís something for the first time in my career, Iím part of a team that is able to do that. We earned that. Itís exciting. The Redskins, itís going to be a tough game. Itís on the road, as I said earlier. You get an opportunity to get that playoff atmosphere because itís going to be a big game.

Q: Was there ever a point that you ever wondered if you would ever make the playoffs?

A: You never wonder if it is ever going to happen. You just look forward to when it does. This is the year that it happened.

Q: What did it feel like when you were home watching the games?

A: I didnít even watch the game. I was transitioning and going home. My phone just blew up to a thousand text messages. I googled it, found out what happened and I was excited.

Q: Do you have any element of motivation to keep Washington out of the playoffs?

A: Thereís an element to win. Tomato, Tomoto. Itís not necessarily playing to keep them out. Itís to get that win, that taste and that momentum going into the playoffs. Win a road game how we want to.

Q: What do you feel the momentum is heading into the last week?

A: The best ball is still ahead of us.

Q: What tells you that?

A: Looking at the tape and how weíve adjusted to different things. Seeing that the mistakes are correctable. Thatís whatís exciting. If weíre out there, you put on the tape and weíre just getting beat, but these are corrections that can be corrected.

Q: As much as you want one good game to send you into the playoffs, is there any concern for the risk of injury?

A: Itís a game you need because itís the next one. It still counts. No player thinks about injuries. Thatís how players do get hurt. Itís a privilege to play this game and go out every single week. Put it all out there on the line. Thatís how weíre going to do it this weekend.

Q: You guys have 10 days off since Thursday night when you played the last game. How much does it help to have this extended break this late in the season?

A: I think itís either way. The way coach McAdoo sets up, heís consistent in the way he takes care of everyone. Weíre going to be fresh no matter which day it is. Monday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday. I think the league plays every day now besides Tuesday. Whenever we play, weíre going to be fresh.

Q: Have you been told if youíre going to play Sunday?

A: Yes. Everyone is going to play Sunday.

Q: How important is this game in terms of not going into the playoffs with a two-game losing streak?

A: The importance? You donít ever want to lose. I donít care when it is. What part of the season or whatís at stake. You donít ever want to lose. Honestly, I canít say, Iíve never been to the playoffs. I can imagine that itís 0-0 for the seventeenth game and thereís going to be a certain type of energy there. Weíre not there yet. We have a division game on the road against a good opponent that is going to be fighting for everything. Iím looking forward to it.

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