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Wednesday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/28/2016 4:16 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr.

December 28, 2016

Q: How are you personally approaching this game? You are the fifth seed. You canít move up and you canít move down. How do you approach this?

A: Same way you approach every game. You want to go out and win. You want to go out and find something to get better at. Just get everyone on the same page. Work on what you need to work on. Just take it for what it is.

Q: You have a chance to become the first Giants receiver to lead the league in receiving in 80-plus years. How important is that to you?

A: Itís whatever. Stats and numbers, theyíre all going to come at some point in time. What Iím really focused on, for the first time in my career in the NFL, is having the opportunity to go to the playoffs and play in those bigtime games. Itís hard to not look past this game knowing whatís at stake and the position that we are in. You canít move up and you canít move down. It is very difficult to not look past that and look forward to next week. You just have to keep in mind that any play could be your last. You have to go out there with the same approach that you would any other game.

Q: Where were you on Saturday when you found out about the Saints game?

A: I think I was at the house. I was probably asleep.

Q: You were sleeping when you found out?

A: Yes.

Q: How did you find out?

A: Just look at your phone. You see Twitter going off, Instagram going off, everything going off. After I heard the scenario, there was never really a doubt that we were going to be in. Weíre in now.

Q: Has the feeling of clinching a playoff spot taken over yet?

A: You put a check by it. You keep going and you look for the next check. The next check is to, first and foremost, beat Washington. After that, you just start looking at the playoffs and win one game. Thatís all we have to do. Just win one game. The week after that, you win one game. You just have to look at it as a one-game mentality. This is the most talented team Iíve been on since Iíve been in the league. Itís been something that came together a long time ago and you just see the relationships build between everyone. We have a pretty good rapport.

Q: Considering the ramifications for the Redskins in this game, how much would it mean for you guys to keep them out of the playoffs with a win?

A: Obviously, you want to win the game, period. Not looking at whatís at stake for them or anyone else. You want to win the game. Definitely knowing that you could keep a team out of the playoffs, thatís a big deal in a sense. Just have to come out and do what weíre capable of doing. The rest will handle itself.

Q: What have you thought of the season Sterling Shepard has had?

A: Itís been great, in my opinion. Thereís plays here and there that we all couldíve made better and things we couldíve done better. This season has been, in my book, a pretty good one. With the team we have, everything we have going on and certain situations, itís just been nothing less than what I expected from him. Obviously, everyone wants to always do more. Iím sure he feels that way. He wishes he couldíve done more or could do more. You have to take it for what it is and keep it moving.

Q: Is it going to be difficult to focus on this game?

A: You canít sit there and sugarcoat it and say that anyone in this locker room is not thinking about the playoffs mid-play running a slant. You canít hide the fact that weíre in there. You donít have to be oblivious to it. Just keep it moving. Obviously, we know our roles and where weíre at. We know whatís going on and all the implications that are behind this game. Just find a way to win.

Q: Do you expect yourself and the rest of the starters to be playing the full load?

A: If they say you go out there, then you go out there. You never know. Itís not something that is so much talked about. Iím sure itíll come up in conversation, but I expect to play.

Q: No one has asked you once about Josh Norman about 10 minutes into this. Is there a relief that heís not the focus of this game?

A: Now he is. Since you brought it up. I donít know what to say. Yes. Itís always been about a bigger picture than two players on the football field, in my mind. Itís something that was kind of created. It stuck and it has been run with ever since then. Weíre going to go out and do what weíre supposed to do. Weíre not worried about anyone else besides the 53 on this team.

Q: As competitors, it would seem that even if you were not that into the game, you couldnít because both of you guys want to be winners?

A: Yes. Iím going to compete if my little sister or little brother was out there. Iím going to compete. Iíve never been one to ever half-step anything or just go out there and have fun. Iím going to compete. He is a great competitor and he is a great player. Itís always a great matchup.

Q: Have you and the guys been able to take advantage of the 10 days off between games?

A: Iím sure they have. Holidays are around, so Iím sure everyone got to celebrate a little bit with their families. You get some time to just relax and get your mind off everything. Now, youíre back in, so you just refocus. I donít know if itís beneficial or if itíll be worse for us. Weíll have to see on Sunday.

Q: Do you think youíre in a good spot mentally heading into this game against Norman? Do you think things will go okay with him this time?

A: I think they went okay last time. I donít really see a problem with it except for when you point your finger at something, then you notice it. Itís never really been an issue, in my mind. I donít have any ill feelings towards him at all. We just like to compete. Thatís the bottom line. This is football. Weíre competitors and you want to win. Like I said, if weíre playing marbles, whatever, I want to win. I donít want to lose. It should be a good matchup, like it always is.
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