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Thursday Media Transcript: LB Mark Herzlich

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/29/2016 4:30 pm
LB Mark Herzlich

December 29, 2016

Q: We donít get to see a lot of practice but thatís the first time weíve seen that happen. Does that happen a lot during practice where a player will rally up the team and give a speech?

A: It happens more often than you see. We take a TV timeout break sometimes halfway through practice and guys will get it going. I think that was the first time this year where we kicked off practice with that. Itís a day where youíre in Week 17 and you have pads on. Thatís rare for a lot of guys. I think what Jon (Casillas) was saying, it doesnít matter, the circumstances. We go out there and do what we need to do to create momentum going into the playoffs to get a win. We set our goals singularly and thatís one week at a time. Just getting a win one week at a time. This week is no different.

Q: Is it almost like saying that the playoffs are precious?

A: Absolutely. I think thatís one of the things that is important. Every guy that has been to the playoffs and to the Super Bowl shares their experience. Itís so rare to get there. I remember in 2011 when we went to the Super Bowl and the playoffs, there were a lot of guys. I think Deon Grant got up and spoke the opposite way. It was his twelfth year and he hadnít been to the playoffs yet. There were guys like that on the team. There were other guys like Mathias and Eli who already won one with the Giants.

Q: How was practice today?

A: I thought it was a really good practice. Weíll see on film. It was tiring. We got a lot of good work in.
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