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Tuesday Media Transcript: CB Janoris Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 1/3/2017 5:44 pm
CB Janoris Jenkins

January 3, 2017

Q: How do you feel?

A: I donít know. Iím good though.

Q: Good, good?

A: Iím great.

Q: First playoff game, how do you feel about it?

A: Iím going to be excited, but Iím going to go in with the same mentality. Just focus on doing my job and playing within the scheme. Battling every play.

Q: How much different are you as a defense since the last time that you saw them in October?

A: We improved, a lot. So did they. We just have to understand the situation that we are in with Aaron Rodgers and him liking to scramble. We have to plaster good.

Q: How difficult is that when a quarterback can scramble like that? How frustrating is it for a DB?

A: It can be frustrating. At the end of the day, we have to plaster. It depends on the front seven or whatever we send to get there.

Q: What makes him so difficult?

A: Just scrambling, and knowing how to place the ball with the receiver. Just knowing how to create plays.

Q: Whatís the key for you, as a cornerback, when he gets out of the pocket and starts moving around?

A: Basically just stay with your man. Follow him everywhere you go. Even if he goes to the bathroom, follow him.

Q: You have to do your job for longer, right?

A: You have to do it for longer, but at the end of the day, like I said, you still have to count on the front four, or front seven, to get there. Just see how that plays out.

Q: What do you think of this challenge this weekend?

A: Itís going to be fun and exciting. Everyone is going to compete and have to make a lot of plays.

Q: When you think of a guy like Aaron Rodgers, does that get you extra pumped up?

A: It gets everyone extra pumped up. Going against a guy like that, knowing what heís able to do with the ball in his hand, and the weapons that he has around him. Getís everyone excited.

Q: Is it more of a challenge because his feet are so good too?

A: Itís just about being aware and staying with your man at all times. Heís a great quarterback and he can make all the throws. We just have to continue to do our job.

Q: Are you the best defense in the NFL right now?

A: I donít know. You tell me. When you tell me, then Iíll go with that. Until then, we still have room for improvement, and to get better. Like coach tells us every day, weíre still not where we want to be. We will go from there.

Q: What do you, OV, and Snacks credit for how well you guys came together?

A: Just understanding the situation that weíre in. Everyone came here, high paid guys, and they depend a lot on us. We just have to take the defense as it comes. Put it on our shoulders. Like coach says every day, each one of us has the opportunity to make a play. Go make that play, and be a game changer.

Q: Would you contend that youíre the best secondary?

A: I donít know, you tell me. Numbers donít lie. Weíre doing what we need to do. Weíll leave that up to you guys.

Q: Ben said he doesnít have any kryptonite for Aaron Rodgers. Do you feel that you could be the kryptonite?

A: Weíll have to see.

Q: Do you think because you guys are talented back there; it gives you a better chance to beat Aaron Rodgers than most?

A: You canít say that. You have to go out and do your job. No matter how much talent we have around us. We understand that heís a dynamic quarterback. Very aware of whatís going on. We just have to go out there and play together.

Q: What kind of confidence do you have as a football team heading into this game?

A: We have a lot of confidence. Good enough to win last week. Just going for it and we have to keep it going.

Q: How cool is it for you after playing in St. Louis to be going to the playoffs?

A: Awesome.

Q: What are your thoughts on the way DRC has played this season?

A: DRC, he does what he does. Heís been doing it for a long time. We all know that and understand that. Just having him come in whenever someone goes down is a big plus.

Q: Are they a different type of team because they donít have a Dez [Bryant] or a guy that stands out?

A: You canít worry about playmakers, or who their playmakers are. Everyone has to do their job and focus on their man. Compete at the top of the routes.

Q: How healthy are you?

A: Iím great.

Q: Are you limited this week?

A: Iím great.

Q: Youíre 100 percent on Sunday?

A: Iím great.

Q: Was the plan for you on Sunday to come out when you did?

A: I donít know what the plan was. I just played until they told me that Iím done.

Q: Did you come out because of an injury?

A: I just played until they told me I was done.

Q: What do you remember about the first game against Green Bay this year?

A: Watching film and going back, we missed a lot of tackles. Aaron Rodgers scrambled free a lot. We have to contain him and eliminate those.

Q: Can you talk about what problems arise knowing that Rodgers can extend plays?

A: Just knowing he can throw the ball all over the field. We have to plaster very good.

Q: What goes through your head as the clock ticks and he still has the ball back there?

A: Someone get this man.

Q: Was the biggest difference in the first game their ability to run the ball?

A: Yes. It was a big difference in the ball game. We go in and try and make teams do one thing. Either run or pass. They were able to do both. We have to take away one and play our type of football.

Two things:  
Big Blue '56 : 1/3/2017 5:49 pm : link
1-He handles his pressers as effectively as he does playing CB

2-My new favorite word: Plaster
Here's something I'd love to learn this week:  
81_Great_Dane : 1/3/2017 5:52 pm : link
How does the cold affect a bad back bruise like what Jenkins has been dealing with? Do you want to keep it warm? Is cold actually good for it?

It's an unusual injury, I don't think I've ever heard anything about this before.
I enjoyed his responses.  
RDJR : 1/3/2017 5:55 pm : link
Plaster is a new one.
Not sure I understand the DRC comment  
kelsto811 : 1/3/2017 5:59 pm : link
but oh well....maybe plaster can be the new resiliency :)
"Plaster" them in the butt  
micky : 1/3/2017 6:00 pm : link
huygens20 : 1/3/2017 6:04 pm : link
Q: How healthy are you?

A: Iím great.

Q: Are you limited this week?

A: Iím great.

Q: Youíre 100 percent on Sunday?

A: Iím great.
liking Jackrabbit more and more  
ColHowPepper : 1/3/2017 6:27 pm : link
(nice what Doc said) and the beat reporters less and less: some
of those questions seem designed to produce bulletin board
material for the GB locker room, but JJ flicked them away like a
good pass deflection.

81_Great_Dane, I cannot get my mead wrapped around to thinking extreme cold is
going to be good for his contusion (friggin Trevin Wade)
Just 100%? Slacker.  
jcn56 : 1/3/2017 6:32 pm : link
I love this dude.  
arcarsenal : 1/3/2017 6:32 pm : link
He's all business.
Q. How do you feel? A. I don't know.  
Jimmy Googs : 1/3/2017 9:00 pm : link
What was confusing there?
Love the Jackrabbit  
Giantology : 1/3/2017 9:10 pm : link
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