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Thursday Media Transcript: DE Olivier Vernon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 1/5/2017 4:46 pm
DE Olivier Vernon

January 5, 2017

Q: How would you say this opportunity presents itself to you? How excited are you?

A: Itís something that weíve been working towards for a while. Right now, the opportunity presents itself. You just have to work at it and get the job done.

Q: You hear all the talk about the Packers offense and the Giants defense. Are you able to accept that challenge?

A: They have an explosive offense. They have a great quarterback. Theyíre a dangerous team. We all know that coming into the game. Pretty much right now, weíre just focusing. Everyone is just focusing and getting ready for the game.

Q: Whatís the key to getting to Aaron Rodgers?

A: Itís just about staying disciplined. Everyone knows he can make plays with his feet as well as his arm. Itís just staying disciplined. Thatís the biggest thing.

Q: Do you guys have to get to him or just hold your ground. Whatís the philosophy here?

A: Most definitely have to get to him, as well as being disciplined at the same time. Just get in his face. Thatís the biggest thing. You have to put pressure on him. Weíll see on Sunday.

Q: Do you bring a swagger into this game in terms of what this defense has accomplished this year?

A: I donít know. Weíre just here to play Giants football. Thatís it.

Q: How big are the butterflies and how big is the anticipation to play in a playoff game?

A: I wouldnít say any butterflies. There is a lot of guys that are excited just to have the opportunity. You donít get too many chances to be in the postseason. You just have to make the most of the opportunity.

Q: What did you learn about Aaron Rodgers the first time you played him that you could take into this game?

A: Heís a good quarterback. Heís able to make plays with his feet and his arm. Overall as a team, they have guys on defense and on offense that can make plays. Thatís something that, coming from the first time that we played them, they got us over there at Lambeau Field. Itís what they did. They had home field advantage, what they have again. Itís going to be a hostile environment. Itís a good team that weíre facing. We canít wait to get there.

Q: How has their offensive line changed since the first time you played them?

A: Basically, they know we can rush the passer. Theyíre going to try and limit our pass rush. The main thing is just stopping the run. Stop the run and force them to throw the ball.

Q: How is their offensive line, in particular, going to try and slow you down?

A: I know theyíre going to try to run the ball. Try and run the ball, with a play-action pass. Little things like that as far as just trying to get you off your spot. Thatís been the game plan of most offensive lines that we play. We just have to be ready for Green Bay.

Q: When you add a piece like Damon Harrison into the pass rush, how does that affect the total picture?

A: I think right now, at this point in time, guys are willing to do anything. Snacks, being able to be out there with us and being able to contribute not only on a run but on the pass game is big. We need all hands on deck.
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