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Friday Media Transcript: DT Damon Harrison

Eric from BBI : Admin : 1/6/2017 4:09 pm
DT Damon Harrison

January 6, 2017

Q: Why was the chemistry so good amongst the defense?

A: I donít know who did the scouting or brought this group together like that, but I know Jerry Reese had a big part to do with it. The group of guys that were here before and the group of guys that they brought in, you just donít see that too often. Different groups that genuinely get along on and off the field. That had a lot to do with it. We enjoy being around each other. Iím around the DBís just as much, maybe even a little bit more than I am the d-line.

Q: How difficult is it facing a guy like Aaron Rodgers?

A: Heís one of the greatest. He makes a lot of good plays with his legs. We just have to focus on our technique, execute and make sure that we donít end up on one of his highlight reels.

Q: Do you have a chip on your shoulder going back into the game against the Packers given that you didnít tackle well the last time you went there?

A: I have a chip on my shoulder about everything. Not just that. Thatís something to add to it but we didnít do a good job. Like I said yesterday, I think a lot of their yards came after contact. We just didnít tackle well and they were able to get out and make some plays.

Q: How was the preparation this week?

A: The same as every week. We didnít do anything different and we didnít add anything. We didnít take anything away. We had the shoulder pads on. Coach sent a loud and clear message that no matter where we are, weíre still going to remain the same team and do the same things that weíve been doing.

Q: Whatís the vibe heading into the game?

A: Guys are focused. I donít know how often youíre in here but you can see the locker room is the same now in Week 18 as it was in Week 1. No one is stressing and everyone knows the importance of this game. At the end of the day, we donít play the game until Sunday. Just keep your preparation the same. Maybe change some other things but donít change who you are.

Q: How did you get that hat?

A: The DBís had the hats over there in a box. I just went over there and I stole it. Jack Rabbit was fighting me for it and I took it from him.

Q: Are you talking about your ultimate goal this week?

A: Weíre talking about the Green Bay Packers. Thatís it.
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