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NFT: Islanders at Leafs, 7:30pm Game Thread

pganut : 2/14/2017 12:13 pm
Well, it's right there for the taking. You know what I'm talking about. Let's see if the boys want to break down the door to line up for the dance. Big game for sure. A great time for the Islanders' GTA guys to stick it to the hometown team.

Thomas Greiss gets the start. Quine slots in for Prince, who is out with an upper body injury (looked to me like he grabbed his shoulder after his attempted "fight" in Ottawa). Clutterbuck back on LI, but skating. Hamonic apparently not back on the ice yet as I mistakenly reported the other day.

As seen in yesterday's thread, the younglings are killin' it, with Ryan Pulock earning AHL Player of the Week for his three goals and three assists for a total of six points as well as a plus-6 rating in four games last week. Pulock also has three game-winning goals in February, four GWG's in the last 14 days after only previously posting four in his career. Not to be outdone, Mathew Barzal earned the WHL Player of the Week honor, recording 15 points (1G, 14A) in four games including a career-high six-point game on Saturday night.

Let's Go Islanders
Toronto is one of those teams I just despise  
marbles : 2/14/2017 12:28 pm : link
That organization and its fans are equally pompous. It would be great to (temporarily) be in a playoff spot at the expense of beating the Leafs.

It would be great to one day start Austin Matthews to the Isles FA rumors because he wants to play with Tavares (who knows what a sheit stain organization the Leafs really are).

Anyway, let's go Islanders! Game of the year (until the next one at least).
Posted this yesterday  
Mike in Long Beach : 2/14/2017 12:35 pm : link
We're 5-2 at the Air Canada Centre and 10-5 overall vs. the leads since 2013. Tavares always seems to play well up there.

On the ice, the Leafs haven't been very good lately. They've won just 2 of their last 8 (2-4-2) while the Isles have obviously been good.

The vanity of holding a playoff spot for a night is fun, but the prospect of falling 3 out of the Wild Card (with no games in hand) is the more important element at play in securing a win tonight. Such a big game. LGI.
Kick Darcy Tucker's ass tonight!  
timintey : 2/14/2017 1:08 pm : link
Go Isles!
RE: Kick Darcy Tucker's ass tonight!  
pganut : 2/14/2017 1:12 pm : link
In comment 13360844 timintey said:
Go Isles!
Never forget (IMO, the Corson beatdown was more epic).

RE: RE: Kick Darcy Tucker's ass tonight!  
Patrick : 2/14/2017 1:41 pm : link
In comment 13360851 pganut said:
In comment 13360844 timintey said:


Go Isles!

Never forget (IMO, the Corson beatdown was more epic).

That fucking cunt Corson kicked his skates up at Cairns after he was on the ground.

Let's go Isles!
RE: RE: Kick Darcy Tucker's ass tonight!  
feelflows : 2/14/2017 1:44 pm : link
In comment 13360851 pganut said:
In comment 13360844 timintey said:


Go Isles!

Never forget (IMO, the Corson beatdown was more epic).

what a fucking night. I had my Bates jersey on..yes, I have a Bates Jersey. I was going crazy. That series will never let the Islanders fans forget #17.

OH.. and Cairns beat the piss out of that douchenozzle.
The two loudest sports moments I've ever heard  
pganut : 2/14/2017 2:00 pm : link
Robin Ventura's grand slam single against the Braves, and the Shawn Bates penalty shot. The coolest thing was the noise died down as he skated in on Cujo and in the millisecond before the shot was released, it was completely still. Then...bedlam; an eruption of noise. That was absolutely unforgettable. Watching/listening to it on YouTube still gives me chills.
Haven't been this excited for a regular season game  
JayBinQueens : 2/14/2017 2:17 pm : link
in a while.

It's still early but I think we learn a lot about this team based on how they play tonight
I was there too for the Bates playoff game  
marbles : 2/14/2017 2:21 pm : link
When Bates scored, I thought the building would collapse. It was nuts.

Bates didn't attempt anything fancy. Just skated straight, quickly, and then shot it.
RE: Haven't been this excited for a regular season game  
Mike in Long Beach : 2/14/2017 2:24 pm : link
In comment 13360922 JayBinQueens said:
in a while.

It's still early but I think we learn a lot about this team based on how they play tonight

I don't have it in front of me, but I know the only moment it was even possible that we held a playoff spot (and obviously this means beyond nothing) was after we beat the Wild to move to 3-3, and I doubt we even did then.

This is a huge game just for that. I know the actual being-in-position is inconsequential, but my God it would be satisfying.

I had us winning 4-1 against Philly. If Chimera hit that empty net I would've had it. Had us losing 3-1 to the Senators. So I'll try and keep it going...

Isles take this one 4-2.
As everyone  
Metnut : 2/14/2017 2:26 pm : link
is saying... another huge game tonight. Would be great to keep the wins coming.

I'll be out with the wife tonight and hopefully trying to watch on tape delay late.
First time I woke up pumped for a game in a while  
Dave M : 2/14/2017 2:59 pm : link
Toronto is arrogant but their media and their sense of entitlement regarding Tavares and Stamkos previously is maddening.

That series really made me hate the Leafs and everyone on that team. That also opened my eyes(or closed them) to what I perceive as a bias in favor of original 6 and some Canadian teams. The thuggery in that series was insane but it did cause for some very emotional and great hockey.
This game is a game you have to have  
The 12th Man : 2/14/2017 4:13 pm : link
Yes the playoffs do not start tomorrow but better to be playing games knowing you are then trying to get there. If they miss then you are still in chase mode for the position. This game is against a franchise that most Islander fans despise. They need to come out tonight and kick the Leafs ass all over the ice. I still like the way this team is playing. The Ottawa game was tough with Anderson coming back but, I still think they played well. Keep it going and get Nelson going again tonight. Think Nelson comes up big tonight.
Slight tweaks to L3 and L4 tonight  
pganut : 2/14/2017 7:25 pm : link
Lee-Tavares-Bailey, Beauvillier-Nelson-Strome, Chimera-Quine-Gionta, Ladd-Cizikas-Kulemin. I like Chimmer in there to ride shotgun on the smaller guys. I also think we see some production from L4 tonight.
All 4 officials are from Ontario  
Mike in NY : 2/14/2017 7:50 pm : link
Ah, the Toronto rules  
pganut : 2/14/2017 7:51 pm : link
Ref on top of the play with no call, lets play continue. The ref half a rink away back by the Isles bench makes the call despite the play being behind the Leafs' net. Sloppy play by the Isles so far; need to kill this one.
Pelech needs to play smarter  
Mike in NY : 2/14/2017 8:00 pm : link
As much as I like his toughness, he has made some questionable decisions lately
Lazy ass play  
KWhite2250 : 2/14/2017 8:01 pm : link
Its time to swap out pelech for pulock or someone else
WTF, Pelech?  
pganut : 2/14/2017 8:01 pm : link
Blind pass to the top of the dot, turnover city, TOR goal. Josh Leivo? Seriously? Isles look like crap so far despite Nelson just ringing the crossbar.
Isles have to be willing to go to the net tonight  
pganut : 2/14/2017 8:04 pm : link
Andersen hasn't made a clean save tonight and is leaving a rebound on every opportunity. If folks are willing to pay the price, they'll get some in tonight.
I'm getting real tired of hitting the post  
pganut : 2/14/2017 8:13 pm : link
3 the other night, 2 so far here in the first. What's worse is that on Bailey's, Strome and Lee were both uncovered to Andersen's left but it bounced straight back towards where Bailey shot from. A slightly different angle and it's an easy goal.

And now these shits score again.
Bad turnovers killing them.  
Dave M : 2/14/2017 8:15 pm : link
We played well offensively hit 2 posts again  
The 12th Man : 2/14/2017 8:17 pm : link
And defensively we were too soft.You control the play but some how still behind just amazing.
pganut : 2/14/2017 8:22 pm : link
Weak clears and bad pass selection in the defensive end burned them twice. Strange, I feel like we've been talking about that for years, yet no one learns.

Show some fire, clear bodies out on D, and get TOR on its heels when they're forced to defend. Keep pumping shots on Andersen; the only thing keeping them in it is some luck. It'll change if the Isles can get pucks and bodies to the net. If finally clawing their way to a playoff spot after being virtually buried from the rancid start to the season isn't motivation enough, I don't know what to say.
Soft hooking call on Lee there  
pganut : 2/14/2017 8:39 pm : link
Made odder by TOR still retaining the puck despite the "hook".

Awesome work by Zeeker on the PK. Kills clock, and draws a penalty.
And that's probably the nail  
Dave M : 2/14/2017 8:49 pm : link
Great game.
LOL, what the hell  
pganut : 2/14/2017 8:50 pm : link
Hey, guess what? See what happens when you have a body in front of a net...IT GOES IN. Horseshoe up Toronto's ass tonight on both ends. This is sickening to watch.
Those could be the 3  
The 12th Man : 2/14/2017 8:52 pm : link
Softest goals I have seen in a long time. JT needed to rip that and look for a rebound. Their heads are up their ass. I feel like I am watching. a Giants game,thinking someone has to make a play. Some one any one.
OK, that's 1 back  
pganut : 2/14/2017 9:05 pm : link
Beautiful shot.

If they can somehow muster one more before the end of the period, that turns everything around.
RE: OK, that's 1 back  
feelflows : 2/14/2017 9:08 pm : link
In comment 13361308 pganut said:
Beautiful shot.

If they can somehow muster one more before the end of the period, that turns everything around.

that was a very nice shot. got them on the board.
Good hockey game  
Mike in Long Beach : 2/14/2017 9:13 pm : link
Keep battling.
Fish : 2/14/2017 9:13 pm : link
Should be up by 7
strome has a great shot  
feelflows : 2/14/2017 9:14 pm : link
too bad he misses the net so much.
RE: strome has a great shot  
Mike in Long Beach : 2/14/2017 9:28 pm : link
In comment 13361320 feelflows said:
too bad he misses the net so much.

He's had a nice game as a whole.

Just for the 3rd period of this one, I'd love to see him and Bailey swap spots. Play the hot hand right now and maybe you can steal 2 points.
Wow, very few of our guys are strong on their sticks tonight  
pganut : 2/14/2017 9:38 pm : link
Fumbling and mis-hitting the puck in both ends. As a result, they've given up opportunities on D, and killed momentum (and allowed for play to go the other way) when on O. I think Chimmer may be the only one.

Anyone seen Brock? Maybe bring him to RW on L1, drop Bailey to L2 RW and slide Strome to 2C where he's better anyway.
Attaboy, Stromer  
pganut : 2/14/2017 9:42 pm : link
Good on him.

See if we can make this competitive at some point. That was a predictable outcome on that PP.
The puck just won't stay on their sticks.  
Dave M : 2/14/2017 9:42 pm : link
Tough loss but we'll deserved.
All 6 defenseman are getting exposed tonight  
Dave M : 2/14/2017 9:48 pm : link
Oh, there's Brock  
pganut : 2/14/2017 9:49 pm : link
Yet another lazy zone exit leads to a turnover, and naturally, a goal. Piss poor effort tonight all around. This has been a nuclear diaper filled with rancid feces. Leave it in TO and refocus for Thursday.
feelflows : 2/14/2017 9:50 pm : link
Never saw this coming  
The 12th Man : 2/14/2017 9:56 pm : link
So annoyed about tonight's performance. Worst time to come up with the worst performance of the year.
pganut : 2/14/2017 10:04 pm : link
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