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NFT: Movie about possibly the worst movie ever = "great"?

DanMetroMan : 3/13/2017 4:34 pm
James Franco’s The Disaster Artist Is a Great Movie About a Terrible One

"Franco said he saw in Wiseau a kindred spirit: “I really respected that he came out to Hollywood like so many millions of people have done, and he got this movie made.” And while he thought Wiseau’s behavior on set, like showing up four hours late for his own movie, or insisting his naked butt be prominent in sex scenes, seemed insane, he later realized, “I am Tommy Wiseau. So much. In ways I don’t want to admit.”

Wiseau, after all, is nothing but dedicated to his craft, so it’s fitting that Franco insisted on staying in character as Tommy while directing this movie about Tommy directing his movie. It was so insane that Rogen and Dave Franco had to issue a warning to any outsider visiting set. “We had to be like, ‘It’s one of those things you read about, like Daniel Day-Lewis,’” said Rogen. “It’s exactly the weirdest thing you’ve heard about. My actual grandmother came to set and was there for several hours, and then she turned to me and said, ‘Where’s James?’ I was like, ‘That’s James. Also, you are not going to like this movie.’”

Plenty of people at SXSW did, though. And after the standing ovation, we were left with the very James Franco–esque revelation that making art about great bad art doesn’t necessarily mean you have to lose the earnestness and humanity that made the bad art so compelling. So many filmmakers think irony is the default for comedy. But as The Disaster Artist proves, it’s not true. It’s bullshit. It’s not! Oh, hi Mark."
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The original film  
NYG27 : 3/13/2017 4:40 pm : link
was perhaps the BEST worst movie ever made. I was laughing non-stop the whole time.
DanMetroMan : 3/13/2017 4:41 pm : link
Wiseau hit on my mom at a screening at the Ziegfield. I didn't feel awkward at all...
JoeMoney19 : 3/13/2017 4:43 pm : link
sounds awesome.
Everything Wrong With The Room in 8 Minutes!  
NYG27 : 3/13/2017 4:45 pm : link
Love this YouTube video about that film! LOL
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1) so it sounds like Ed Wood  
Deej : 3/13/2017 4:46 pm : link
and 2) I find James Franco exhausting. Except a good cameo on 30 Rock.
I have a James Franco allergy.  
TheManUpstairs : 3/13/2017 5:09 pm : link
He is SO completely in love with himself. Just can't take it.
Not surprised  
BurlyMan : 3/13/2017 7:17 pm : link
The Disaster Artist, the book Franco's movie is based on, is outstanding. Here's a review I wrote for it in the Los Angeles Times back in 2013:
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