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NFT: Anyone read the Vaccaro article in Sunday's Post

Cruzin : 3/13/2017 7:37 pm
The written version which I couldn't find online to link. Comparing present day Duke to 70's, 80's Notre Dame? Reaffirming that Digger was a pioneer in getting college basketball televised and creating the "us vs them" persona that Duke now lives and ND lived back when.

Digger always scheduled the best teams possible, not a normal habit nowadays. A few quotes from Kelly Tripuka that say they were on TV and hated as much as any team at the time. Duke actually was a national favorite when coach K was starting out in the 80's. Not the case now.

A good read for those of us that root for the good guys. No recruiting cheating, taking the best of those that qualify for college and playing as a winning team.

Not easy to do, which is why if you don't respect the smart schools to play with the Kentucky's Texas's and Flrda Sate teams on a national level, you don't really understand what the recruiting limits are.

Vaccaro, reading my posts on BBI again and not giving me credit. Should I get an OBJ haircut and sue?

Any loyal Irish fans that would like to comment? We already know how the lower echelon feels.

I would like an honest opinion from Virginia fans though. UNCW is a good squad but not better than Va. Can House Party and Sumo Hair Bun guy step up this time? Only 11% of the country is picking the upset, most have no clue who UNCW is, can I get an opposing opinion?

A good article, as I said over a week ago here, Digger is the reason you can watch college basketball n TV, be it good or bad, that's why coaches with endorsements will be forever grateful.

Brey is the better hands on coach, Digger micromanaged to a fault but if we beat Duke in the ACC championship, we get a 2 or 3 seed and don't have to see Princeton in the first round. No way in hell that Virginia should be ranked ahead of us.
Del Shofner : 3/13/2017 8:57 pm : link
Not sure I understood everything you said, or that you're right, but then not much different than reading Vaccaro! :-)

Seriously, enjoy the tournament, you sound like you're ready for it ...
I'm always ready for the tourney Del  
Cruzin : 3/13/2017 9:35 pm : link

Since way back when the NIT was the place to be.

Vaccaro's article is actually titled "Duke follows parh cut by Digger and Notre Dame". I posted last week how Digger was responsible for today's TV coverage on college basketball which was non existent in the early 70's.
You either loved or hated ND but you watched.

He goes on to highlight Digger's run at Fordham, 26-3 in '71, I had mentioned that his assistants, Frank McLaughlin is now in the college basketball HoF because of his time as AD at Fordham and HC at Harvard and Dick Debasio ended up as a successful HC at Stanford.

Part of the article mentions that Fordham's win that year over ND in the Garden was the reason Digger got the ND job the next year. Very true, he wrote a handwritten letter to Ara Parsegian asking for an interview before the game, the fact that he pull it off was the reason Ara took notice.

My dad passed away last May, I am now the proud owner of the game ball from Fordham's win over ND, with a note from Digger thanking my Dad for all his support.

Basically I'm just looking for any fans that still root for the good guys. Too many UNC, Syracuse, Louisvile, Kentucky fans that wouldn't have a team if they had to adhere to ND's or Duke's acedemic standards. Kind of skews the playing field just a bit.

Anyway, ND/Princeton should be a good game as well as UNCW/Virginia, I'm a local fan of UNCW but Coach Keats has got a lot of recruiting room due to private funding keeping the sports program alive at UNCW. He needs to be successful to pay for track and field costs. Soccer and baseball also have that pressure. I don't think we're going to see many future congressmen coming out of this graduating class.

I'm saying that consideration needs to be given to the programs that don't cheat and remain competitive.

Weighing the amount of posts condemning bad character as a reason why we wouldn't want someone to join the Giants, I find it rather humorous that more people don't root for the clean programs in college basketball.
Cruzin : 3/13/2017 9:43 pm : link
Digger told Fordham he would never leave  
RetroJint : 3/13/2017 11:01 pm : link
2 weeks later he signed in South Bend. The guy over-coached . There is no doubt about that. And he was as egotistical as someone in that profession can get.

I sat in Hal Wissel's office once when we were talking about recruiting . He showed me a list with 3 names on it. All three guys were players Hal desperately wanted. They were all turned down by the school because of low SATs. Each went on to play for Phelps at ND. Later Wissel tried to secure Kelly by hiring Tracey as an assistant coach and giving TK a scholarship . Kelly proceeded to ND, where their Dad had gone before becoming the quarterback of the Broncos in their early AFL years .

The Thurs night doubleheaders at the Garden were the best . I remember drinking with a few of their guys at the bar at the Statler Hilton across from the Garden after one of NDs innumerable appearances . With conviction I can say that Bill Hanslik , from Wisconsin, was the funniest guy I've ever met.

Mixed bag with Digger. It usually is. Brey is a better coach. They won't win it this year. Probably will lose after the first weekend. But I wouldn't mind if they won, although they belong in the god-damn Big Ten and Syracuse , BC and Pitt should be playing in the East. Someday someone of average intellect will figure it out. I won't be around .
same. except for the tripping, dirty fuck that dear old  
Victor in CT : 3/14/2017 8:30 am : link
Coach K enables. That kid should not be allowed to play
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