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DC Area BBIers - Who do you like to listen to?

DC Gmen Fan : 3/15/2017 9:10 am
Just wondering who my fellow DMV BBIers like to listen to on DC sports radio?

For me, I like the Junkies in the morning. Grant and Danny are ok, but are usually a good listen after the Redskins lose. Their show is really based off a simple premise: Ask a hypothetical question then just take calls on it all day. Nothing really sophisticated.

Chad Dukes is decent but he has become really arrogant. Still he gives some pretty good monologues and does not come across as a homer.

I don't listen to really anyone past that.

I used to listen to all that, but got sick of it all.  
SoDev : 3/15/2017 9:16 am : link
I now listen to Dan Carlin podcasts. He made history (Hardcore History) interesting and fun. He also has a show on current events called Common Sense. Start with hardcore histories A Blueprint for Armageddon and get hooked. It's free on youtube. His site linked below. - ( New Window )
I only listen on my commutes to work  
NYG27 : 3/15/2017 9:25 am : link
I really don't like listening to 980 since it's a Dan Snyder owned station and definitely are a mouth piece for the organization. Only time I listen to 980 are where I drive to parts of Maryland where they don't get good reception of 106.7 like Frederick, MD.

At least 106.7 can still be critical of the team and are pretty good to listen too, especially after a Redskins loss.
Junks in the morning  
John in Loudoun : 3/15/2017 9:34 am : link
Don't really get much of an opportunity to listen to the mid day show. Chad Dukes is horrible. So arrogant. I usually listen to Spotify or maybe some old school R&B on the Donnie Simpson show in the afternoon ride home.
I listen to the Sports Junkies  
Someguy1978 : 3/15/2017 9:52 am : link
and will occasionally tune in to both Grant and Danny and Chad Dukes. Dukes can be epic following a Skins loss. However, I have to change the station once he starts plugging his "MyPillow" bit.
bradshaw44 : 3/15/2017 9:58 am : link
Grant and Danny. And Dukes only on Thursday during football season for one segment called "Around the East".

I don't listen to 980. Snyder owns it and it's like listening to communist state run news.
RE: Junkies  
DC Gmen Fan : 3/15/2017 10:12 am : link
In comment 13393726 bradshaw44 said:

I don't listen to 980. Snyder owns it and it's like listening to communist state run news.

Couldn't have said it better.
Junks and Dukes  
davek3698 : 3/15/2017 10:27 am : link
when without SiriusXM. The latter was better when coupled with Lavar.
I used to listen to 980  
Frank in Silver Spring : 3/15/2017 10:29 am : link
But since they fired Any Pollin, I only listen to Al Galdi in the morning (he's on from 5 to 7). Guy does his homework, is pretty entertaining and isn't really a Redskin mouthpiece. Czaban is a chucklehead who is worthless, ditto Doc Walker whom I continue to state is the dumbest man on earth, sports wise.
Grant and Danny is unlistenable  
DCOrange : 3/15/2017 10:50 am : link
There is nothing worse then someone who thinks he is really funny, but who is anything but funny. Poor Danny spends half the show trying hard to be funny and the other half reminding people he does standup. Are you really a comic if your standup is done in front of 20 people in Leesburg? Grant on his own when he was coming up was actually very good for DC radio as he was not a homer and talked about more than just the Redskins. Unfortunately he's been dragged into his current role of propping up his partner.
RE: Junks and Dukes  
bradshaw44 : 3/15/2017 11:00 am : link
In comment 13393776 davek3698 said:
when without SiriusXM. The latter was better when coupled with Lavar.

For football analysis I agree. But dukes slobbering all over lavar was unbearable. He made him his best man at his wedding. A guy he only knew for a few years. Total fanboy shit. It was bad.
Czaban is the best  
ZogZerg : 3/15/2017 11:11 am : link
He puts a lot of time an effort preparing for his show and always keeps things entertaining.
Frank in Silver Spring : 3/15/2017 11:53 am : link
I guess we'll agree to disagree.
I rarely listen  
RinR : 3/15/2017 1:14 pm : link
since I got Sirius but when I do, its Big Al's show on 950 Richmond on Monday morning after a Redskins loss. He's not a homer by any means but the lamenting on the state of the Redskins is pure gold.
Czaban is the best  
Capital Rs : 3/15/2017 1:58 pm : link
Agree with Zogzerg - he puts some prep & effort into his show and while he is self-proclaimed Skins fan, he's more critical of them than most and really spends 3/4 of his show on non-DC sports. Is he stat-focused? No. But he is definitely not in the cookie-cutter mold of most of the ESPN and other networks that follow scripts and suck up to the leagues.

Otherwise i podcast Ross Tucker's shows and some of the NYG beat writers.
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