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Jordan Willis - 2nd round de Kansas St

Ira : 3/17/2017 9:25 am
Willis, at 255, is a little light for a starting de, which is why you never hear his name in first round discussions. But he was very productive at Kansas State and had a great combine. As a senior he had 17.5 tackles for loss and 11.5 sacks. He's good at stripping the ball the way Umenyiora used to do it for the Giants. He's also a pretty good tacker.

He had an exceptional combine. He ran a 4.53 40 (faster than Garrett) with a 39 inch vertical. His 3 cone and shuttle were very good.

As a rookie, I could see him coming in for passing downs with JPP moving inside. If we don't sign JPP, he'll do the same with Okwara starting on running plays.

If he makes it to 55  
Rjanyg : 3/17/2017 9:33 am : link
I like it
PaulN : 3/17/2017 9:34 am : link
Was about 255 when we drafted him. It has nothing to do with measurable, it has to do with how much a player wants it, sure you can't run a 5 second 40, but the numbers are over blown as always and it's never about the numbers. You think that Flowers is bad because he runs a 5.3 40? I know I don't, he is bad because he does not work hard enough and want to be great enough to put the work into being a great player.

RE: If he makes it to 55  
Ray_Ray (NYG) : 3/17/2017 9:37 am : link
In comment 13396143 Rjanyg said:
I like it

I agree, If Willis is there at 55 he is my pick.
Good player.  
Klaatu : 3/17/2017 9:38 am : link
No doubt he'll be in the mix when we're up.
If Willis  
Ray_Ray (NYG) : 3/17/2017 9:39 am : link
is not there at 55, my other prospect I would like in the 2nd or 3rd round is the kid from Iowa DT Jaleel Johnson. Perfect 3 tech to go along with Snacks
AcidTest : 3/17/2017 9:40 am : link
Giants met with him. Of course, they've met with a lot of prospects. Fine with Willis at #55. Deashon Hall is another DE the Giants might want. Played opposite Garrett.

Daeshon Hall - ( New Window )
I am very intrigued by  
Jay on the Island : 3/17/2017 12:40 pm : link
Villanova DE Tonah Kpassagnon. He has a rare combination of size and athletic ability. He is raw but has a huge upside.
I would love him in the 2nd rd  
prdave73 : 3/17/2017 12:43 pm : link
But i dont think he makes out of the 1st. He is going to be a player.
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