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NFT: The 20 Best Desserts in America

gidiefor : Mod : 3/17/2017 7:08 pm
by Lauren Rothman, Time Out

What is your favorite dessert?

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I've had that Sweet Lady Jane berry cake as a birthday cake  
81_Great_Dane : 3/17/2017 7:19 pm : link
and it's pretty damn good. But it's not top of my list.

My wife and I just had a cheese flan at a hipster-Mexican restaurant in Hollywood that sort of blew our minds. Place is new, I don't even remember the name of it.

Here's one I really like, it's very unusual: The Caramel Coppetta at Pizzeria Mozza. A pizzelle with a faint anise flavor, with caramel ice cream, spanish peanuts and mashmallow sauce. The variation in flavors and textures makes every bite a little different, but somehow it works together.
Giantology : 3/17/2017 7:21 pm : link
RE: Cheesecake  
gidiefor : Mod : 3/17/2017 7:23 pm : link
In comment 13397540 Giantology said:

What kind of cheesecake?
It's just me - and I love sweets  
jcn56 : 3/17/2017 7:28 pm : link
but pictures of sweets do nothing for me.

Now, 75 pictures in a row of different types of bacon and WOOF!
RE: RE: Cheesecake  
Giantology : 3/17/2017 7:31 pm : link
In comment 13397544 gidiefor said:
In comment 13397540 Giantology said:



What kind of cheesecake?

Pretty much any cheesecake except some of the Italian style cheesecakes that get a more "bread" like texture. Gotta have that rich, creamy texture. Growing up my mom would get me the chocolate variety cheesecake as a birthday cake.

Can't go wrong with Junior's.
Of the 20 desserts in the article,  
Giantology : 3/17/2017 7:34 pm : link
I've only had the Crack Pie from Milk Bar, which was one of the best desserts I've ever had. Just about everything there is incredible.
Jaleo at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas  
81_Great_Dane : 3/17/2017 7:44 pm : link
has a dessert called Torrijas, I think. They describe it as a Spanish style French Toast, which doesn't quite convey what it is. It's like a creamy bread pudding with dash of citrus, served with brioche ice cream. Again, it's complex, which makes it surprising but also hard to describe.

Some desserts, the first bite sort of gives you all the flavors and textures you're going to get. On this one, every bite's a little different. For comfort food, a great cheesecake can't be beat. But sometimes at the end of a great meal you want something more stimulating.
don't like  
bc4life : 3/17/2017 7:47 pm : link
sliceable bread pudding
Jim in Fairfax : 3/17/2017 8:27 pm : link

Pie, pie, me oh my
Nothing tastes sweet, wet, salty and dry
All at once -- oh, well it's pie!

Apple! Pumpkin! Mince and wet-bottom
I'll be at your house every night if you got 'em
Pie! My oh my. I love pie!
Italian Rum Cake...  
BMac : 3/17/2017 9:28 pm : link
...nothing better.
The Mojave  
Gmen4Life21 : 3/17/2017 9:31 pm : link
I read this as desert at first haha, would be an odd list.
Now this is a tougher question  
Gmen4Life21 : 3/17/2017 9:47 pm : link
Cheesecake is a good answer. Can't go wrong with ice cream, something Vanilla based, vanilla cream cake (gotta have the crunchies). How about Tartufo?
Cheesecake, black forest cake and pecan pie  
Ira : 3/17/2017 9:53 pm : link
head my list. I wouldn't mind a root beer float on the side.
giantsfan44ab : 3/17/2017 10:23 pm : link
Appropriate for today, Carbomb Sundae  
smshmth8690 : 3/17/2017 11:18 pm : link
Guinness Ice Cream, Jameson Caramel, Bailey's Marshmallow
I'm a big fan of Creme Brulee  
gidiefor : Mod : 3/18/2017 11:35 am : link
I'm not a dessert  
pjcas18 : 3/18/2017 11:49 am : link
eater not a fan of sweets at all really. None of those look appetizing to me.

After we go out to dinner and I usually get a steak when people ever get dessert I'd sometimes like a smaller steak for dessert. Most I'll do is an Irish Coffee or a single malt scotch.

the lone exception is the pastry shops in the North End of Boston. I like Mike's, but Modern is equally popular and Bova's and some smaller ones really just as good.

they have this chocolate covered coffee torrone that is just incredible. I won't eat the cannoli's but those torrone's are one of the few sweets I'll eat.

I just hate waiting in line, and the North End is a pain in the ass, so it's like once every few years or if we have friends or family come visit us and they want to go to Boston.
Bananas Foster is an abomination,  
Section331 : 3/18/2017 11:57 am : link
but I'm not a fan of cooked bananas. No Molten Lava cake? That is one of my faves.
Mohave Desert is my favorite. Death Valley too.  
Ivan15 : 3/18/2017 1:42 pm : link
That first concoction looks very good  
buford : 3/18/2017 8:13 pm : link
I was going to say flourless chocolate cake, but that one will do.
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