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NYDN: Giants’ top 6 tight end targets in NFL draft

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/11/2017 7:26 am
The NFL Draft is fewer than three weeks away. The Giants open their offseason training activity (OTA) schedule on April 18 in East Rutherford, and soon after they will have new rookie teammates plucked from the draft on April 27-29 in Philadelphia.

The Daily News will take a look at each of the Giants’ greatest positions of need and break down the top five targets. We start with one of the most intriguing positions, given the combination of Big Blue’s scouting interest, the position’s talent pool in this draft and the potential impact on the Giants: The tight ends.

And we’re cheating and including six players, because they’re all worthy of consideration:

Giants’ top 6 tight end targets in NFL draft - ( New Window )
My favorite  
mavric : 4/11/2017 7:36 am : link
is Shaheen and he's not even on their top 6 list. Shaheen will shake out to be the best TE in the draft IMO, although I expect Howard to be a stud TE in the NFL for the foreseeable future as well. The others will be good, just not "Gronk-good"
I can see the headlines now  
Rjanyg : 4/11/2017 7:49 am : link
Big Blue Butt
Shaheen is an interesting prospect  
Rjanyg : 4/11/2017 7:52 am : link
He would be a safer pick than Butt because of health. I still love Njoku. I just can see him being a good fit and red zone threat. Adding a good receiving TE that can developed as a blocker is very important since this is a solid group.
Shaheen and Kittle  
Archer : 4/11/2017 8:36 am : link
Shaheen and Kittle are both interesting prospects.
Teams that value blocking will take along look at them.

Shaheen is interesting as he has the frame to carry alot more weight. At 6'-6" he looks like he could easily add another 12-15 lbs. of muscle to his 278 lbs.

In watching some film he is very agressive in both his blocking and receiving. He has poor techniques. He is very raw. He has good feet and excellent short area quickness.

He is a matchup nightmare for dbs and lbs as he uses his body to make space. He is open even when covered.

Shaheen is a project.

Good call on Everett - a true two way tight end  
Ira : 4/11/2017 8:40 am : link
Tony Pauline  
area junc : 4/11/2017 9:10 am : link
has been convinced the Giants will draft Everett since the Senior Bowl.

That said, the guy who looks like he fits the Giants offense to a T (besides Howard) is Jake Butt.

3rd round is where we like to take risks - whether character or injury. I can see Jake Butt in the 3rd round, saving our 2 premium picks elsewhere.
Yes we need a TE and I do not believe  
Simms11 : 4/11/2017 9:19 am : link
we'll even sniff Howard or Njoku and so, this looks like the year we may hit on a 3rd rounder IMO. I see the Giants grabbing a guy like Hodges in the 3rd.
What are everyone's thoughts  
Old Dirty : 4/11/2017 10:58 am : link
on Bucky Hodges? I think he'd be a great addition to our offense. He's huge (6-6, even though ESPN has him at 6-7, 257 lbs) and super fast at that size (4.57 in the 40 at the combine). CBS draftscout has him projected going in the 5th round, but I'd be thrilled if he's there in the 3rd. Many see him as a big WR. At his size, he's one hell of a mis-match if he lines up out wide. He was rarely used as an in-line TE which is why I think he's not rated much higher. Just imagine the goal-line package with Hodges, Marshall, OBJ, and Ellison. Add a powerful runner like Blount and the possibilities are endless.

Here is a highlight video to help with your thoughts.
link - ( New Window )
Dragon : 4/12/2017 1:52 am : link
Is still developing in almost all his skills, size and knowledge of the game but he fits the bill for the Giants. Just not sure he makes it to the third round which is where I would prefer they take him he is a tough call in the second with the talent in this draft. It's a major team need that could be solved in the first round but the talent at the TE position in this draft is very good into the 4th round.
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