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BBI Old Giants Game Review: 2008 Giants @ Steelers

Matt in SGS : 4/12/2017 3:24 pm
Per popular demand, I finished up the review of the 2008 Giants @ Steelers game. It was a back and forth physical battle, with the Steelers defense keeping the Giants out of the end zone for most of the game and missing on chances to put them away. However, as Giants fans know fully well, a long snapper can lose you a game, and once the Steelers' long snapper went down with a nasty ACL tear, that put LB James Harrison in to help and he ended up costing the Steelers a safety due to a bad punt snap.

2008 was a season in which the Giants beat both Super Bowl participants on the road. Including this game in Pittsburgh. To date this is the only time Eli beat Ben in a head to head matchup.

For the next review, I'm working on the 2004 Giants vs Cowboys game. Eli's first victory as a QB. After that, I might delve back deeper in the vault, possibly the 1981 Wild Card win at the Vet. Enjoy! - ( New Window )
Nice, looking forward to it.  
Big Blue '56 : 4/12/2017 3:28 pm : link
As to Eli's first win, just skip to the final drive. That was a game unto itself
That was an awesome  
BigBlueDownTheShore : 4/12/2017 4:20 pm : link
game. I watched the first half and had to listen to the second in the car. The audio was amazing. Great back and forth battle.
One of my all time favorite games  
Hammer : 4/12/2017 4:48 pm : link
This is one game that comprised the Giants record breaking run of beating 7 straight opponets that all had winning records.
Great game but still hurts to watch  
DieHard : 4/12/2017 5:08 pm : link
I honestly thought we were getting a preview of that year's Super Bowl. What could have been...
Yes, this was a phenomenal game and win  
dpinzow : 4/12/2017 5:25 pm : link
Steelers wanted no part of the Giants if they met again
One thing to go back and watch  
Matt in SGS : 4/12/2017 6:45 pm : link
on the Boss go ahead TD, James Harrison comes in on a blitz, and Jacobs absolutely rocks him. Stops him in his tracks and pretty clearly gave him a concussion. Harrison was wobbling off the field.
Great choice Matt!  
truebluelarry : 4/12/2017 6:47 pm : link
Looking forward to digging into it.
One of my favorite regular season Giants games of all time  
lawguy9801 : 4/12/2017 6:54 pm : link
Thanks Matt.

Before Plax shot himself, this was the best Giants regular season team since 1986. What a shame the way it ended with that shitty game at home against the fucking Eagles, of all teams.
The game of Kehl  
DennyInDenville : 4/12/2017 7:29 pm : link
This game was so epic  
GF1080 : 4/12/2017 8:10 pm : link
Toomer had a big catch keeping his feet in bounds barely if I remember correctly!
Eli to Toomer on a go route  
George : 4/12/2017 9:11 pm : link
on a 4th and 1, went for about 30 yards. Gutsy call and pristinely executed. Like a lot of people, I was thinking Super Bowl after that game.
RE: Eli to Toomer on a go route  
Matt in SGS : 4/12/2017 10:01 pm : link
In comment 13425999 George said:
on a 4th and 1, went for about 30 yards. Gutsy call and pristinely executed. Like a lot of people, I was thinking Super Bowl after that game.

I highlighted this play in the review. It was a 4th and 1 and the Giants called a timeout. When they came back out, the Steelers changed up their defense and Eli tried to audible and attempted to call a timeout...which you can't do on back to back plays. So they took a delay of game penalty and on 4th and 6, still went for it and Eli dropped a perfect pass to Toomer for that 30 yard gain. It was Eli in a nutshell. Doing something stupid, and then, on the road, in the clutch against a tough opponent, make a perfect pass. It summed up who Eli Manning has been. So infuriatingly dumb but at the same time a cold assassin.
George : 4/12/2017 10:44 pm : link
I forgot about the delay penalty. But now, come to think of it, I remember thinking that Coughlin was crazy to go for it on 4th and 6.

That's why I haven't quit my day job to be a head coach in the NFL.
I travelled to Pitt  
pierce58 : 4/13/2017 6:38 am : link
for that game. It was a great day and all the Pitt fans were good fun and just kept thanking us for beating the Pats the year before in the SB.....
Both sides left the game saying "see you in the SB"..They held up their end of the bargain, unfortunately we did not.
Great game  
holmancomedown : 4/13/2017 8:01 am : link
Would love to see that game again. I remember Boss hurdling a defender and if I recall Eli throwing for a completion just before he crossed the line of scrimmage. Thanks again Plax for shooting us out of a Super Bowl win. We would have kicked the shit out of the Steelers again no doubt !
2008 will always be the ultimate "what if?" season  
Greg from LI : 4/13/2017 8:47 am : link
Beat both eventual SB teams on the road....sigh.
One of the best games I've ever watched.  
Britt in VA : 4/13/2017 9:35 am : link
What a defensive battle. That hit Kenny Phillips laid on Mewelde Moore, as well as the hit that James Butler laid on Nate Washington causing an INT were vicious. The pads were poppin' in Pittsburgh. Thanks for the highlights.
RE: 2008 will always be the ultimate  
Brown Recluse : 4/13/2017 10:01 am : link
In comment 13426373 Greg from LI said:
Beat both eventual SB teams on the road....sigh.

Yeah, as a fan that season is always going to stick in my craw. Can't imagine how the players must feel.
If I'm not mistaken, not only did they beat the two SB participants...  
Britt in VA : 4/13/2017 10:09 am : link
they also beat all four Championship game participants.

Thanks Plaxico.
One of my favorite games ever  
Sonic Youth : 4/13/2017 10:33 am : link
Freshman year of college. I remember exactly what I was doing watching this. Great times.
I went to that game  
Bramton1 : 4/13/2017 11:37 am : link
Great game. Absolutely should have been a Super Bowl preview.
I was there too  
blueberry : 4/13/2017 4:24 pm : link
Great weather for November in Pittsburg - their fans were gracious- Heinz was a neat place. Great game -I rarely travel - but was a guest invited from business partners- had club level seats. We were at our peak from the Superbowl run. Sad how it all went south shortly afterwards
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