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NGT: Titans are releasing CB Jason McCourty

Defenderdawg : 4/13/2017 3:51 pm
Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet)
4/13/17, 3:47 PM
The #Titans are releasing veteran CB Jason McCourty, source said. The longest tenured player on the team is moving on.
I wonder if he joins his twin in New England  
Anakim : 4/13/2017 3:51 pm : link
I doubt it'd happen from a financial perspective, but  
Giantology : 4/13/2017 3:58 pm : link
I wouldn't be opposed to adding him to our stable of CBs.
RE: I wonder if he joins his twin in New England  
pjcas18 : 4/13/2017 3:59 pm : link
In comment 13427397 Anakim said:

two gronks and two mccourtys?

that's the first thought I had after thinking someone is going to post a kick the tires reference.

this one is better  
pjcas18 : 4/13/2017 4:03 pm : link
He is a  
Gross Blau Oberst : 4/13/2017 4:14 pm : link
Joisey boy.
Get him, Jerry!  
Klaatu : 4/13/2017 5:04 pm : link
Before New England reunites him with his twin brother!
He'd be coming home to play here. Played his high school....  
Crispino : 4/13/2017 5:09 pm : link
ball at St. Joe's in Montvale. High caliber citizen. Let's have a go at him.
All the checks  
KWALL2 : 4/13/2017 5:52 pm : link
Including playing for Rutgers! Would be a great addition. This is a salary cap move. He was making a lot of cash. Bring him in.
Makes it even more likely  
jeff57 : 4/13/2017 9:42 pm : link
That they take Lattimore at 5.
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