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Do the Giants Draft Obi Melifonwu?

TC : 4/17/2017 1:11 am
Other than reports that the Giants met with him, why do I have a gut feeling this is a guy high on the Giants board? Well, maybe because he's probably high on most teams' boards. But do the Giants really need another strong safety? Particularly since it might well take a #1 to grab him? Seems crazy, but I've got a nagging suspicion. Might they be thinking of playing him as a LB?

He's a huge DB and an athletic freak. And Obi sounds kinda like Osi, so you never know. ;-)

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Obi vs. Virginia 2016  
TC : 4/17/2017 1:12 am : link
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I'm with you...  
Milton : 4/17/2017 1:47 am : link
Melifonwu, TJ Watt, and Antonio Garcia head my list of potential surprise picks at #23 (although Dave-Te would tell you Jordan "what you talkin' 'bout" Willis and Tyus Bowser from Sha Na Na).

I don't think of Melifonwu as a strong safety, I think of him as a "Back Seven" guy because he could probably play any one of those seven positions. That being said, the Marcuses (Williams and Maye) can fill a similar role and they can be had on Day Two. Josh Jones and Desmond King are two more in that vein and then there is Rasul Douglas and Jourdan Lewis.

The DB's are like buses this year! If you miss one, there'll be another one coming around the corner in just a bit.
Obi Melifonwu would make the Giants Secondary the NFL best.  
MasherJints : 4/17/2017 2:37 am : link
One of the greatest weakness of the Giants Dover the last 10 years has been the ineffectiveness in stopping the TE's. Obi would make that deficiency disappear. At 6'4" 228 lbs 4.4 40, 44" vertical, 11'6" broad jump he can cover any TE one on one. A 3 safety tandem of Collins, Thompson, and Melifonwu, along with CB'S Jenkins, DRC and Apple would completely shut down any passing Offence.

Another thing to watch out for is that, if the Giants don't take him, they will have to face him for the next 5 years because the talk in Dallas is pairing him up with Byron Jones.
Obi Melifonwu  
Big_Pete : 4/17/2017 3:07 am : link
Could NYG consider Obi Melifonwu as a potential WLB?
Yes ....  
Beer Man : 4/17/2017 4:10 am : link
Based solely on his name
this is my pick  
CMicks3110 : 4/17/2017 6:50 am : link
i would love to draft this guy. I don't care if it's 23, he's Kam Chancellor with much much better athleticism.
One big reason why I'd like the pick is because  
barens : 4/17/2017 7:41 am : link
it would take the wind out of Dallas' sail. I would think he's a guy they covet.
Rory : 4/17/2017 7:43 am : link
despite the measurables, he's a tough player to coach. Makes alot of mistakes.
I think it's about as likely as the Giants drafting a QB  
ZogZerg : 4/17/2017 7:49 am : link
in the first round anyway.
Doubt it  
jeff57 : 4/17/2017 8:24 am : link
he's big and physical, and tackles well  
gidiefor : Mod : 4/17/2017 8:33 am : link
but if that Virginia game tape is any indication -- his coverage ability is suspect
Draft Board  
Simms : 4/17/2017 8:39 am : link
I think the giants have a wish list and a short list (like every team).

Curious how short, and if certain players fall off the list do they simply go with best player available?
AcidTest : 4/17/2017 8:43 am : link
it. Edge rusher.

Tyus Bowser.
Jordan Willis.
Chris Wormley.
McCaffery to an offense is like Obi to a defense.  
robbieballs2003 : 4/17/2017 8:48 am : link
He can help out in so many different areas and situations.
For sure Obi on Cowboys short list but  
Rick in Dallas : 4/17/2017 10:01 am : link
I keep hearing they covet a "war daddy" edge rusher in first round. Media guys in Dallas covering Cowboys sound like they are leaning towards edge rusher. Harris or Taco high on their list of "war daddy" players.
"war daddy"?  
LakeGeorgeGiant : 4/17/2017 10:09 am : link
Wtf does that even mean?

The Cowboys are so annoying.
Great player, bad fit  
Ira : 4/17/2017 10:19 am : link
unless the Giants want to take a year and beef him up to be a WILL.
Why do people wonder  
BillT : 4/17/2017 10:26 am : link
If the Giants will draft a player when we have a pro bowler for the position already and then contemplate playing him out of position at a spot we clearly don't value. Does that make any sense? Do the Giants regularly do silly things like that.
Size/speed DBs would seem to be something the Giants covet  
Ten Ton Hammer : 4/17/2017 10:54 am : link
Well, to be quite honest  
JFIB : 4/17/2017 11:53 am : link
If OO does not return we will need someone in the crazy name department. So I say yes.

Help us Obi Mel  
pjcas18 : 4/17/2017 11:57 am : link
you're our only hope.

this would be a good meme if I had any photoshop skills.

Rick in Dallas : 4/17/2017 12:55 pm : link
Jerry Jones nickname for edge rusher during a news conference he had in February when discussing his teams needs during free agency.Can't explain some of the things Jones says during news conferences. Cowboy fans are lucky that Stephen Jones has taken on more responsibility running the cowboys especially the draft.

I have been thinking this  
GeorgeAdams33 : 4/17/2017 2:07 pm : link
....for days. I would love the pick. Reese love freaks and he is that. I feel that if Njoku is gone we will take Obi or a pass rusher (DE, SLB, or DT)
I think he can play FS  
GeorgeAdams33 : 4/17/2017 2:09 pm : link
He and Collins might be interchangeable. This guy has great speed & range. He is tough to throw over the top on standing at 6-4. He has good ball skills from what I've read.
D. Thompson  
GeorgeAdams33 : 4/17/2017 2:11 pm : link
was thought of as a SS too
Replaced Adams  
GeorgeAdams33 : 4/17/2017 2:21 pm : link
@ UConn
Just because Melifonwu  
Bill in TN : 4/17/2017 2:52 pm : link
has great measurables in shorts doesn't mean he can cover anyone. Sounds like a Jerry Reese reach to me. we need football players, not projects, for 2017.
Bill, this guy could  
mrvax : 4/17/2017 2:58 pm : link
make the Giants defense unreal.

Read these 2 scouting reports:
Good coverage is alot more than athleticism.....  
WideRight : 4/17/2017 3:07 pm : link

my gut says pass.
Boylhart is a big fan as well...  
Milton : 4/17/2017 3:23 pm : link
Obi is a tall, strong, smart defensive back who can cover and tackle in the open field. He is one of the more secure and form tackling safeties in this draft. He has the length and size to cover and the solid change of direction skills to play any one of the defensive backfield positions inside the red zone. Obi has leadership skills not only through his play on the field but also because of his character off the field. He has the size and athleticism to cover those big tight ends down the slot and with his ability to change direction will be able to cover your tall receivers in the red zone also. Obi has unique athletic talent for his size and surprising speed and with his long legs, long arms, will surprise most quarterbacks who think they can beat him when he is playing off the line as a single free safety. Obi is destined to become a pro bowl defensive player for the team that selects him.

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I'm in on this versatile S  
KWALL2 : 4/17/2017 3:28 pm : link
Would give us a super athletic DB group. Helps a lot with TE matchups that seem to hurt us every year.

As a player, I like Baker more. He can play slot corner and and any S spot. Doesnt' have the size but plays hard and fast. Anybody getting a Bob Sanders comp is a player to watch.
Baker is an electric playmaker  
Torrag : 4/17/2017 10:40 pm : link
Guys like Earl Thomas have proven smaller players can be dynamic. That said the Giants have a 'type' and for them smaller isn't usually better...especially on defense.
RE: Just because Melifonwu  
Ten Ton Hammer : 4/17/2017 10:44 pm : link
In comment 13431560 Bill in TN said:
has great measurables in shorts doesn't mean he can cover anyone. Sounds like a Jerry Reese reach to me. we need football players, not projects, for 2017.

Have you read anything about him, or are you just going by people talking about his athletic ability?
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