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Different Draft Angle

lugnut : 4/18/2017 11:06 am
(If I was smarter and more patient, I might figure this out myself, but I'm not, so...)

Does anyone have a handle on the "business" situations that could/will affect our draft? I mean, less the needs position-wise, athletically, etc., and more like at which position groups do we have contracts expiring with the need to sink major money into them if we don't get young, cheap guys (rookies) soon?

I believe this is the case with the OL, with Pugh and soon Richburg and then Flowers seeking their second ($$$) contracts before you know it. (At least Newhouse was cheap.) It would sure help us from a business perspective to have 1 of our 5 OL starters on a cheap rookie contract for 4 years. I think that might trigger Lamp at #23 more than Flowers or Jerry sucking.

Maybe similar with CBs? Jenkins is on a big contract and DRC will want to be paid to stay beyond this year. Does that "make" us take a CB in early rounds even though we're fairly solid at the position? (Or is Apple our cheap guy for a while yet?)

On the other hand, with JPP and OV on great big, long-term contracts (right?), are we really likely to go DE early on?

I know I'm Captain Obvious with this "insight," but if anybody can shed light...Might be an interesting exercise to do a mock that names only the position, based on business criteria.

Don't forget  
mrvax : 4/18/2017 11:10 am : link
another projected Oline starter for 2017, Fluker, who will also need a contract for 2018. So, yes. I think the Oline is in need of some new blood and I can easily see the Giants picking 2 guys for the Oline.
Interesting thought lugnut...  
M.S. : 4/18/2017 11:52 am : link

...and my general sense is that the business side of things do creep into draft day decisions.

But one point about our offensive line. I don't really buy into the narrative that Pugh and Richburg are gonna be real pricey free agents. They haven't played like "pricey free agents" so I don't think we're gonna have to open the bank for them.

But if some team overpays for them, then I am of the opinion:

I think what you say makes sense, lugnut...  
yatqb : 4/18/2017 11:58 am : link
more so related to positions that may come open down the line. So OL and CB are future potential needs.
nflscouting : 4/18/2017 12:15 pm : link
Check out money info here- pretty cool job they do
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