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Owa Odighizuwa attending offseason program

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/18/2017 3:27 pm
Jordan Raanan ESPN Staff Writer

DE Owa Odighizuwa was at the Giants facility on Tuesday for the start of the offseason workout program two weeks after he hinted about taking a break from football. All appears well on that end for third-year end.
i'll take it  
UConn4523 : 4/18/2017 3:28 pm : link
no idea what we have in him but its nice to see the rumors put to bed.
This is a classic case of modern day social media  
LI NHB : 4/18/2017 3:32 pm : link
making more out of something than it needed to be. For all we know, he was upset about something and made a "fuck this" passing comment and people went nuts.
Media did nothing wrong.  
Dave in Hoboken : 4/18/2017 3:36 pm : link
When an athlete 2 years into his careers posts on his Twitter that he is going to leave football; that's a story.

Anyway, interested to see if he does anything at all this year.
Dave in Hoboken : 4/18/2017 3:36 pm : link
More good news  
Beezer : 4/18/2017 3:37 pm : link
on the DE front.
Good For Double OO  
HugeS : 4/18/2017 4:07 pm : link
Really rooting for him to put it all together and become the future we all hoped he could be.
RE: Media did nothing wrong.  
81_Great_Dane : 4/18/2017 4:12 pm : link
In comment 13433023 Dave in Hoboken said:
When an athlete 2 years into his careers posts on his Twitter that he is going to leave football; that's a story.
I don't think that's quite what he said. What he did say was kind of ambiguous, which is why the whole thing was kind of murky and weird.
But is...  
2ndroundKO : 4/18/2017 4:15 pm : link
Odell there?
So if he had tweeted...  
Racer : 4/18/2017 5:06 pm : link
.."I'm working hard on my pass rush moves" would it have been acceptable to be positive?

Not sure how to navigate this type of thing and BBI is like that oozy, green low tide.....
RE: But is...  
AnnapolisMike : 4/18/2017 5:12 pm : link
In comment 13433089 2ndroundKO said:
Odell there?

Marty866b : 4/18/2017 5:56 pm : link
The Giants and I really missed on this guy. As a USC honk I've seen OO play many times and he was a disruptive player who I was very happy with when we selected him. As a pro,he gets locked onto the blocker and has no moves to disengage and surprising, he show little power to bull rush anyone.
He needs to  
spike : 4/19/2017 9:11 am : link
Stay out of twitter
'Owa Odighizuwa attending'...  
Torrag : 4/19/2017 9:40 am : link
...he should be attending some counseling. I hope he's talking to someone on a professional basis.
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