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Thursday Transcript: S Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/20/2017 4:25 pm
S Landon Collins

April 20, 2017

Q: Are you ready to go and how excited are you?

A: Definitely ready to go. Very excited just to be back with the boys and being around the brothers.

Q: How much does the disappointment of last year still resonate with you?

A: Itís definitely still in the back of my head. It definitely is on my mind every day we step on the field and come into this organization. We come in trying to build as a team because we have a lot to prove.

Q: Whatís it mean to have JPP back?

A: It means a lot. We have two great defensive ends coming off the edge and making great plays.

Q: What was your reaction like when you lost Hankins?

A: It was big. It was a tough loss. We lost a brother. We wanted him back and tried to make something happen. Ends didnít meet.

Q: Whatís the goal for this defense? What do you look at as a team moving forward?

A: The goal for the group is ultimately to try and be number one. What we look at as a team, we have the same guys coming back mostly. Just getting better as a group.

Q: How about for you personally? What has the focus been this offseason?

A: My focus was muscle endurance. Thatís one of the biggest keys because I take a lot of snaps. Also, just coming out of my breaks faster and making a lot of plays.

Q: You made a big leap from year one to year two. Could you make another jump in year three?

A: Weíll see. Weíll see when the season comes. Iíll have a lot of game plan things coming towards me. Weíll see how that comes, but Iím looking for the opportunity to make those plays again.

Q: You made the playoffs last year but it ended quickly. How much does that motivate you and drive you to be back this year?

A: It drives me each and every day. It drives me now. That game hurts. We had the opportunity to make plays and we didnít make it happen. Weíre trying to do that in this year coming.

Q: Does that come up a lot with your teammates when youíre back here talking?

A: No. Youíve brought it up today and thatís the first time weíve talked about it. We have it in the back of our head but we donít really bring it up. We talked about it and went over it. Other than that, we just keep it moving now.

Q: Is the schedule release something that you look forward to as a player?

A: No, not really. I take it week by week, game by game and practice by practice. Not really big on the schedule.

Q: Have any of your teammates impressed you so far?

A: Itís only day two. We havenít done too much just yet. I havenít really paid attention to all the guys. All of us are just trying to get our work in and get stronger.

Q: Thoughts about playing on Thanksgiving if that was the case?

A: Itís a great opportunity. Iím looking forward to it. The more games we can play in a special moment like that in front of all the fans. Thatís one of the biggest games on that day.

Q: Howís Darian Thompson look?

A: Good. Heís been running with us. Heís full speed. He definitely looks very healthy and in the meeting rooms, heís still as smart as he was when he first stepped in.

Q: Do you feel like you and him will be a good combination this year?

A: Definitely. We pray for no injuries and stay as strong as we can. Stay out of that medical room. Things happen, but at the end of the day, thatís what weíre trying to do in staying healthy.

Q: He could almost be like another added player and make a big difference out there?

A: Definitely. Heís smart, fast, quick and knows the game. He has the knowledge. In doing so, thatís what you need as a partner, leader and secondary person to run a defense.
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