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Blast from the Past (archived thread from April 2015 on OL)

Milton : 4/21/2017 1:37 pm
I would love Ali Marpet in round 3
Milton : 4/25/2015 8:08 am : link
The guy has everything but pedigree.

As for round one....
Milton : 4/25/2015 8:11 am : link
I'm gonna say Scherff, La'el Collins, or Randy Gregory.

RE: All in all...
Klaatu : 4/25/2015 8:21 am : link
In comment 12248557 Milton said:
Not very encouraging for the 9th pick.
Agreed. I hope a DE or WR that they like falls to #9.

RE: All in all...
blueblood : 4/25/2015 9:03 am : link
In comment 12248557 Milton said:
Not very encouraging for the 9th pick.
Exactly.. id rather get a OL guy later.. but it all depends on who is on the board.

I actually
Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/25/2015 9:08 am : link
think we are in a very good spot to get an OL at 9...our spot matches our need. If a WR drops fine, but this is a good spot to get one of the tackle/guards.

It is a great spot number 9 to be picking
Headhunter : 4/25/2015 9:19 am : link
if we were in the top 3 we'd get Leonard Williams but is he really Reggie WhiteII? Im sure he is going to be great, but I'm not sure anyone in this draft is a top 5 player other than this draft. At 9 we are going to get a WR if one drops or a OL that is better than 9 but the 2 QB's pushed him into our laps.

RE: I actually
Milton : 4/25/2015 9:28 am : link
In comment 12248613 Eric from BBI said:
think we are in a very good spot to get an OL at 9...our spot matches our need. If a WR drops fine, but this is a good spot to get one of the tackle/guards.
It's a good spot to get the pick of the litter, but it's hard to get all excited about it after reading some of those quotes. I know, I know, I'm overreacting. As George Young would say, it's paralysis by over-analysis (he said that was why Joe Montana fell to the 3rd round).
p.s.-- As for the WR's, Cooper isn't getting out of the top five and the rest aren't worth the 9th pick when there will be excellent WR prospects to choose from on day two and even day three.

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And here's the nugget I was referring to on another thread...  
Milton : 4/21/2017 1:57 pm : link
NFL personnel director: "That (low score on the Wonderlic) isn't a big deal for tackles. It's more of a big deal for guards."
After analyzing Flowers  
allstarjim : 4/21/2017 2:52 pm : link
I thought he was going to be the guy. He had some tape where he was just so dominating. Early on I was big on Andrus Peat, who went #13. But as I took a closer look, I think I called on draft day or the night before my prediction was Flowers (and had him ranked above Peat). I still like Flowers. I thought he would come in and play RT, but be a dominating force there, and you hope he becomes a LT in 2-3 seasons, but at the least you have a dominating RT in the mold of Kareem McKenzie. I think there's a chance Flower can still be a great LT. But I thought he would perform better last year than he did. Way too many holding penalties.
Here were the top three OT as ranked by McGinn  
Milton : 4/21/2017 2:57 pm : link
1. ANDRUS PEAT, Stanford (6-7, 315, 5.21, 1): Third-year junior. "He's what I call a beautiful athlete," one scout said. "So smooth. Really impressive physically. I compared him to Tyron Smith. Great pass protector. Just not that powerful at this age." Started 27 games at LT the past two seasons after rotating as a freshman in 2012. "He's got damn good feet but... the last bowl game against Maryland he looked like (expletive)," another scout said. "He's the No. 1 guy but he's never been pushed. He doesn't have any core strength. He doesn't take hard coaching." His father, Todd, was a squatty guard in the NFL for six years. Excellent prep basketball player in Chandler, Ariz. "I saw him get thrown around like a rag doll," a third scout said. "I respect what people think about the guy, but every defensive player I saw against Stanford kicked the (expletive) out of the guy. If you're asking me who was the most overrated guy I saw, it was that guy." Scored 27 on the 50-question Wonderlic intelligence test.

2. ERECK FLOWERS, Miami (6-6, 326, 5.34, 1): Third-year junior who prepped in Miami. "Big, rugged, physical right tackle," said one scout. "Starts right away." Made four starts at RT in 2012 and 24 at LT in 2013-'14. "Violent, physical player," another scout said. "Fundamentally, he's got to clean some things up. He ducks his head. He tries to win with all upper body. He's got to learn to play with more patience." Led O-linemen in bench-press reps with 37. "Strictly a right tackle or guard," a third scout said. "He can't play left tackle because he isn't quick. He is powerful and he does have an anchor. He's stiff, so he has problems with adjust and recovery. He carries his hands low. He needs a lot of work with his hands. Big disappointment of the (top) group."

3. D.J. HUMPHRIES, Florida (6-5, 307, 5.08, 1): Third-year junior from Union, N.C. "Probably the best athlete of the O-line group," one scout said. "He's got every tool you look for in a left tackle. He just has to grow into his body. He came in at 255 and he's 300 now. Great kid. Leader of that O-line the last two years. He does play physical. It's just some of the bigger, more stout guys are harder for him to move." Started 19 games at LT before declaring. "Smart, good family, great kid," said another scout. "Needs more bulk but he has the frame to be a 320 guy without any problems." Other teams saw his Wonderlic of 12, lowest among leading tackles, and double-backed on his ability to learn. "He's late off the ball all the time," said a third scout. "You worry about him a little bit mentally."
And here are the top three OG as ranked by McGinn...  
Milton : 4/21/2017 2:58 pm : link
1. BRANDON SCHERFF, Iowa (6-4, 319, 5.04, 1): Compared by one scout to perennial Pro Bowl guard Steve Hutchinson. "He's better than anyone that's come out of there (Iowa), and they've had a bunch of good guys," one scout said. "I know everyone wants to make a guard out of him, but I'd have him disprove he can't play tackle. He didn't even play healthy this year. Had his knee scoped (torn cartilage) and the guy missed one practice. You watch the year before. I like (Bryan) Bulaga but I think this guy is better. I didn't think Bulaga could play left tackle but I think this guy can." Started 36 of 43 games (all but three at LT); his 2012 season was cut short by a serious ankle injury. "Alert, aggressive, finishes, athletic," another scout said. "Anchor is just OK. He'll be really good in a zone scheme because he has a really good feel for angles. When you line up with him you know what you're going to get." Multisport prep star from Denison, Iowa. "If you want a tackle he's not your guy," a third scout said. "Then you're going to go with Peat. Scherff's going to have edge limitations like Riley Reiff. He's not an ideal foot athlete at tackle and he doesn't always finish like you want." Wonderlic of 22.

2. LA'EL COLLINS, Louisiana State (6-4, 312, 5.14, 1): Started at LG as a sophomore before moving to LT in 2013-'14. "He's a lot like Scherff," said one scout. "Not unlike Bulaga. Little short-armed (33). Kind of like a Sam Baker kind of tackle with the Falcons but he could be a really good guard." Described by another scout as a "mean" player. "He could be a Pro Bowl guard, but I also think he can play tackle," a third scout said. "He's a really good run blocker. He's athletic. He's nasty." Tied with Humphries for the lowest score (12) on the Wonderlic among the top-25 offensive linemen. "I think he's smart enough to play tackle," a fourth scout said. "He's a motivated guy and I think he'll learn it." From Baton Rouge, La. "He's got good girth, he's strong, he can bend his knees and he's got play instincts," a fifth scout said. "He doesn't have ideal length to be a full-time left tackle. He only took a few reps at right tackle during Senior Bowl week and you could tell he's never played the right side. It was awkward. But when you see him in a workout and roll it all together, he's going to be a longtime starter at left guard or left tackle."

3. LAKEN TOMLINSON, Duke (6-3, 319, 5.26, 1-2): Four-year starter at RG. "If there's a first-round guard in this draft and he's not a conversion it's Tomlinson," one scout said. "He's a plug-and-play, start-first-day right or left guard. He plays better than (Chance) Warmack. He's big, athletic, he can pull, he can block at the point, he's smart. He might be a great center, too, if you tried him there." Born in Jamaica, moved to the U.S. at 10. "He wants to be a doctor," said another scout. "Some people want to be sure he's committed to football, which I think he is. The kid loves football. Has played a ton of football. High character. Has ambitions outside football." Graduated from Chicago Lane Tech. "He looks better on the hoof than any subject in the draft other than Scherff," a third scout said. "Great kid, smart (Wonderlic of 23). But how many Duke linemen have there been? You can't name them. Plus, he gets over his toes. He's top-heavy."
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