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My Top Sleeper WR in this year's draft - Mack Hollins UNC

Jim in Forest Hills : 4/22/2017 7:52 am
No one talks about this kid at all, not sure why. CBS didn't even have a write up on him.

Sy, Dave Te? Any feedback on Hollins?

6'4", 225lbs, 33" arms, 4.53 40 yd dash

He timed fast but watching his tape, he more impressively plays fast. He's not big lumbering guy, he's got twitch and gets separation. His hands look huge and he swallows up the ball easily, natural hands catcher.

In 2016, he had 8 TDs but only 30 catches. Not sure if this is because UNC had many other options but this is the only negative I see about the kid, catch volume. But he is running by people.

He's also a very good stalk blocker.

Giants don't have a huge need for WR this year, but if they could pick this kid up in Rd 4? Stash him away and groom him under Marshall sounds like a low risk high upside play. The sleeper must awaken!

Mack Hollin vs FSU 2016 - ( New Window )
Actually I disagree with a good amount of your assessment  
jlukes : 4/22/2017 8:05 am : link
he is not a quick twitch guy at all - he is a fast glider, but not quick by any means.

I do not think he is a hands catcher. He uses his hands to bring the ball into his body to secure the catch - he does not catch the ball with his hands.

He also was never asked to run a lot of routes from what I've read - purely a deep threat.

And for a big guy, he is not very physical.

Putting all of that together, he sounds an awful lot like a slightly better Ramses Barden
I think Barden is a fair comparison  
Jim in Forest Hills : 4/22/2017 8:24 am : link
although I do think there is a difference between them. Watching Hollins off press, he seems to get his shoulder past the defender and then his speed gets him open right away.

As far as being physical, he started on specials and was voted special teams captain which is somewhat indicative that he's willing to put his effort in there.

Link - ( New Window )
He's physical on specials  
jlukes : 4/22/2017 10:06 am : link
Yet for some reason it seems as if he doesn't take that physicality into his route running
AcidTest : 4/22/2017 10:25 am : link
favorite sleeper WR as well. Plays fast, and would be great on ST. He busted his collarbone early last season IIRC, and missed the rest of the year.
Acid - yeah thats what I like about him, he's fast on the field  
Jim in Forest Hills : 4/22/2017 10:41 am : link
seemingly wide open on go routes.

Here is a link to his Clemson tape, this is vs Alexander and Tankersly, two NFL DBs.

What impresses me is off press coverage, once he gets his shoulder past you, he's open.

The tape isn't all good, he has a drop and also a special teams miscue.
Hollins va Clemson - ( New Window )
I think a good pro comp (ability wise)  
Jim in Forest Hills : 4/22/2017 11:24 am : link
is Martavis Bryant. Taller, lankier guys that could be more physical but can just get open downfield with both size and speed.
RE: I think a good pro comp (ability wise)  
AcidTest : 4/22/2017 1:07 pm : link
In comment 13438347 Jim in Forest Hills said:
is Martavis Bryant. Taller, lankier guys that could be more physical but can just get open downfield with both size and speed.

Yes, good comp.
late round UDFA Hback?  
idiotsavant : 4/22/2017 3:59 pm : link
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