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Transcript: CB Janoris Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/25/2017 3:58 pm
CB Janoris Jenkins

May 25, 2017

Q: What has it been like covering Brandon Marshall in practice?

A: It is awesome. You get different types of releases from B Marshall, OBJ [Odell Beckham Jr.] and Sterling [Shepard], so you get to work everything because you have a big guy, a fast guy and a quick guy. Each and every day you just have to come out here and get better.

Q: What is the vibe around here?

A: It is a nice vibe. It is a family, we are close, everyone likes to have fun and we hang out outside of football, not just around the facility and everyone bonds.

Q: Is it different at all between this year and last year?

A: I think that everyone has a chip on their shoulder. An even bigger one than last year knowing that we understand the scheme and the situation, so we just have to come out here and get better.

Q: Does it bother you guys that Odell and Olivier [Vernon] are not here?

A: Oh, man we know those guys are very talented and we know that this is a business and they are out there working and it is not a big concern to the team. When they get back they are going to come in here like they always do and we will have fun and continue to practice.

Q: Would you rather have them here?

A: I mean they called. Every man has to call for themselves. He is not here, but when he comes back we will welcome him back like he has been here and we will have fun.

Q: You covered Brandon Marshall over the years. Tell me what you notice about him today?

A: Today, other than what I remember? You have to understand that I am in practice with him everyday, so back then it was just one time a game, so I am just learning things that he likes to do, getting off the line of scrimmage like as far as bigger receivers. As far as guys like Terrelle Pryor being bigger, the same size as B Marshall. They pull and tug to try and get open and I am just learning how to defend that type of stuff and just keep working.

Q: Marshall got you on one down the field. Did he surprise you with his speed?

A: No, it is no surprise. He got on top of me and it is just practice, so I am not going to go all out to make a play to hurt me or him, so he caught the ball.

Q: What do you think about the new receivers in the division? Alshon Jeffrey, Terrelle Pryor.

A: Oh, they are some great guys. They are talented, they are very big and they are going to be a challenge this year, so we all have to be ready as a DB group to compete week in and week out and just go have fun.

Q: You were critical of Pryor last year. Now you are going to face him twice a year. Does that set up a nice showdown with you guys?

A: Man, I go each week ready to compete no matter who it is, no matter the size or the quickness. I just look forward to doing my job.

Q: Do you have a sense yet for Evan Engramís speed?

A: He is going to help out a lot. I think he is going to stretch the field a lot. He is understanding and learning very fast and as you can see, he is talented.

Q: How impressed have you been with the development of some of your younger teammates? Michael Hunter is one example.

A: It always impresses you when you see younger guys making plays. It lets you know that they are understanding the game, they are learning and they are paying attention to detail.

Q: Spags [Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo] talked to us during the rookie mini camp of stressing the facts that you need to be hungry. People are throwing a bunch of accolades at the defense. How do you stay hungry?

A: Oh, we have to understand that that was last year. Anything from last year, donít expect that this year. It is just like we have to start all over again and keep building to get better. You canít depend on paperwork from last year or plays that we made from last year because it is a new year. As you know, each team always gets better, always brings new guys in and we just have to concentrate on what we have to do.

Q: In your eyes, what is the goal for the defense this year?

A: Be the best defense we can possibly be as a defense, we just want to get that fifth trophy in the case.

Q: How can you be better this year?

A: There are a lot of ways that I can be better. You always can critique yourself as far as paying attention to the small details. Understanding what is coming when it is coming, staying square at the line. It is just small things and just coming out and working at it every day.

Q: Has this been a different offseason for you? Obviously you have gotten more attention.

A: No, I approach every offseason the same. I get away from football, chill, vibe and stay away from trouble.

Q: Do you chase the rabbits?

A: That is what I do for a living.

Q: The second time around in the NFC East none of the quarterbacks are changing, when you talk about knowing what is coming, does that help in the division?

A: Of course. It helps you a lot. Just understanding the basics. Formations, what they do out of certain formations and what they like to do. It is just stuff of that nature. You just have to go out there and compete once you get all of that under control.

Q: Do you have any concern that you may have given too much of your game plan away to Dez?

A: Man, listen Ė football is football. It is not about a game plan. Everyone has their own way of attacking each person. I am not saying that I am going to go out there and attack him like that this year. I just gave a little clue and that was it.

Q: He came out and said something about an old tweet this offseason. What was your reaction to that?

A: I mean, everyone is going to talk, man. I just said that facts are facts and I just leave stuff as that. I understand that Dez likes to compete and I like to compete. There is not any bad blood. It is just all about competition and having fun.

Q: Do you guys talk amongst yourselves about being hungry?

A: Oh, yeah. Coach Spags talks about that with us every day. Every day when we are in the film room that is the first thing that he says. You have to stay humble, iron sharpens iron and I think we are starting to understand that as a defense and I think we are going to be special.

Q: How long did it take you to get over last year?

A: It didnít take me long. As soon as football was over it was over with.

Q: How do you define special?

A: Define special? As in however you want to define it. You can define it as being elite or whatever. It is just being special. Like turning the defense up a notch, whether it is secondary, the linebackers and then everyone is coming together as one in a bun and we are all on one page.

Q: Do you pay attention to rankings or numbers?

A: Numbers are just numbers, man. That is just something that you put on a piece of paper and you see a number.

Q: How close was the defense to being special last year?

A: We were okay. It was our first year. Everybodyís first year together and I feel like we have that bond and chemistry where I know how [Landon Collins] plays, he knows how I play. I know how OV plays at the D-end what they expect on the other side of a tight end. It is just things like that and paying attention to details.
What a risky, brave,  
grizz299 : 5/26/2017 5:07 pm : link
and -ultimately - wise signing.

Kudos to Reese, we got one of the most prized assets in the sport for what looks like, in retrospect, a bargain.
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