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Transcript: DT Damon ďSnacksĒ Harrison

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/25/2017 7:46 pm
DT Damon ďSnacksĒ Harrison

May 25, 2017

Q: How you doing

A: Iím fine.

Q: Whatís the vibe like out here so far?

A: Sorry?

Q: What does it feel like to be back and everything?

A: Oh on the field? It feels good man. See everybody running around again. A lot of familiar faces which you donít get a lot in this league so itís a sense ofÖ whatís the word Iím looking for?

Q: Continuity?

A: No not that word. No, itís cool we got JPP [Jason Pierre-Paul] back out there. Good to see Brandon [Marshall] running around. I told him he looks faster than last year. Thatís cool.

Q: You got most of your guys back. How important is that continuity as well as having continuity in the coaching staff for the defense?

A: Was that your word? That was your word. No, itís cool man because again you donít get that a lot in this league, you go in the room and its lot of new faces. For the most part in our room you get to see the same guys you know. We lost [Johnathan] Hankins, we donít have [Kelvin Sheppard] Shep back but for the most part we have the entire defense intact with a couple new faces. So thatís huge.

Q: Did your teammates ask you at all about Brandon as a teammate? What he is like?

A: Of course man they ask me all things NY Jets man.

Q: So what do you have to say?

A: Heís a good guy, great competitor, and at the end of the day the guy can help us win a super bowl and thatís our ultimate goal.

Q: Were you surprised by the comments Sheldon [Richardson] made then?

A: Never heard Sheldonís comments.

Q: You didnít? He said there were 15 reasons the locker room over there was better this year than it was last year.

A: 15 reasons? Did he name them?

Q: I think he was referring to the jersey number.

A: Brandonís Jersey number? Pretty clever Sheldon.

Q: He said some other things too

A: Oh wow yíall got to keep the mic away from Sheldon man. Sheldon, get away from the microphone.

Q: But all kidding aside you never felt that Brandon was a negative influence while you guys were together on the Jets right?

A: I was on the defensive side of the ball man. The only time that we spent together was in the cafeteria where you are best friends with everybody, the training room, and on the practice field but other than that I pretty much had only the group of guys that were in my area and I didnít stray away from that.

Q: Snacks, as a team leader would you rather see guys like Odell [Beckham Jr.] and Oliver [Vernon] here I know its voluntary but most of the team is here. Is it important that team leaders be here?

A: Well one I am not a team leader man. Iím not. We got a lot of other guys here but itís voluntary. Iím more than sure OV and OBJ are somewhere working out just as hard or maybe even harder than we are. So Iím confident that theyíll come in and will be ready.

Q: You donít think working out with your teammates maybe is more important as far as kind of the culture you guys create here or want to create?

A: Not necessarily. You know they have some valid reasons why they are not here Iím sure. They are not here because they just didnít feel like coming. If I didnít live in New Jersey full time I probably wouldnít be here right now. I mean OV is from Miami have you seen the weather here lately? Iíd run from it to. Iím sure they have some good reasons why.

Q: Is there anything specific that they miss by not being here or as far as working on the field?

A: They miss seeing me man. You get to come to work every day and see me. Wouldnít you be excited?

Q: That should be a reason for them to be here then?

A: No man Iím cursing people out, Iím yelling, and Iím screaming, and Iím always tired. I mean they get a chance to or they miss the opportunity to get out here around the rookies. You know what I mean. OV to get the feel out Dalvin [Tomlinson] right now and thatís something they are going to have to work out during training camp and going forward but they arenít missing much.

Q: Janoris [Jenkins] was saying he has a bigger chip on his shoulder this year than last year is that a common thing for this team?

A: Oh yeah I told you all that last year they did a great job if bringing in guys who have the mindset of a Jack Rabbit you know a DRC [Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie], guys that are never satisfied. Itís amazing to see Jack Rabbit work, yíall get out here and yíall see him he works like he is trying to make the team and that rubs off on everybody.

Q: Snacks you mentioned feel out the rookies and the new guys what has been your impression working alongside these new guys you got [Jay] Bromley next to you now, you know Avery [Moss]Ö

A: Rob Thomas

Q: Yea Rob Thomas, what has been your impression on these guys?

A: Well Avery, thereís a lot of coaches that came up to me and told me you know he is going to be a player in this league so I have just been watching him. Dalvin is super athletic. You know they say he is a nose tackle, he is a bit like a nose tackle but the guy has quick feet. He is picking up on things pretty fast and as well as the undrafted guy. They did a good job of bringing these undrafted guys in. There are some pretty good players. Itís going to be tough competition.

Q: You reached out to Dalvin I think he saidÖ

A: He told yíall that man?

Q: Yeah he did he ratted you out.

A: We have to teach the rookies man. He donít be telling the media nothing man.

Q: What did you take away from that conversation because you know first impressions you know what they say about that?

A: He is ready to work. He was coached by a guy who taught me just about everything that I know Carl Dunbar. So I know he is not far off from what do you guys say the rookies go through, a learning curve?

Q: Growing pains?

A: A learning curve, growing pains. He is not too far off from knowing everything that I know and the rest of the guys so itís a big plus that he was coached by my former coach.

Q: Do the undrafted guys kind of gravitate towards you? You know youíre kind of a big undrafted guy in the league.

A: Yea man everybody wants to know how I did it.

Q: What do you tell them?

A: I canít tell them itís a secret. Iím going to write a book and yíall will have to buy it man. But no I just tell them the same thing you tell the first pick or second round pick. You have to put your head down and you have to work. You have to outwork everybody you see on the field and you canít afford to walk around. You know Iím the old fat guy I can walk around but you canít afford to walk around everybody is watching you. They are watching you in the stretch lines, they are watching you in the cafeteria, you are always under a microscope so just always be working.

Q: Is that why you watch your defense even in what coach McAdoo likes calling it ďrunning around in your underwear.Ē You guys clearly donít want them to complete any play, is that whatís going on there? How would you describe your whole defense?

A: Yeah I mean you got guys like Jack Rabbit, DRC, Eli Apple, JC [Jonathan Casillas], JT Thomas [III], Keenan Robinson, JPP. Nobody wants to give up anything because we have to go sit in the meeting room and we have to watch it and nobody wants to be put on the spot in the meeting room. So yeah we donít want to give them anything.

Q: So even if itís just running around in your shorts?

A: They not getting a thing they have to earn it.

Q: So who did you buy a house for in the offseason this year?

A: Oh man. Nobody.

Q: That was it? You got your mom one and that was it?

A: Yea thatís it man Iím trying to find me a forever home now and thatís hard.

Q: Are you going to make New Jersey your forever home?

A: New Jersey? No mam Iím going where itís sunny all the time.
He reminds me of Art Donovan  
Milton : 5/25/2017 8:25 pm : link
With that homespun sarcastic style.
Art Donovan, holy crap  
ColHowPepper : 5/26/2017 11:22 am : link
Milton, you went one-on-one with the Colts' Art Donovan, that one? You're old, man.

Another "Art" Donovan, this one Arthur, I'm reading [u]The Boys in the Boat[/b], nice book, and at one of the author's tangents where he has to go a bit parallel track with what's going on in Berlin in the run-up to the '36 Olympics, he talks about the first Schmeling-Louis fight at Yankee Stadium, and referee Arthur Donovan counted Louis out in the 12th.
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