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Friday Media Transcript: CB Eli Apple

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/2/2017 4:11 pm
CB Eli Apple

June 2, 2017

Q: How are you feeling?

A: I'm feeling well, feeling really good. Just a little sore, just wanted to take a little precaution. Just sit back and slow things down. I don't want to go in the offseason with anything crazy. Right now, I'm in a good place.

Q: What is sore?

A: Just my legs, I'm kidding. Just my hamstring, just a little soreness, but it's no big deal.

Q: Is this the same hamstring from last year?

A: No, not the same one.

Q: Did you put on muscle?

A: I've been lifting a little bit. I think I put on a good 10 pounds since the season ended. I've been working, just a little bit.

Q: Where did you work?

A: I was in Arizona most of the winter and spring.

Q: What do you think you'll get out of the added weight?

A: Just everything. I think I'll be more comfortable out there. I'll be able to move faster and quicker. I'm already faster and just being stronger, being able to tackle more. Just bigger running backs and stuff and being able to press bigger receivers.

Q: How do you know you're faster?

A: We have these things, these little GPS on the back of our jerseys, so can they track our speed and they said that the last practice I was out here for was the fastest I've ever moved since I've been here. So I'm getting a little faster.

Q: Did you work out harder or change your diet?

A: Everything. Just lifting harder, more weights, and also throwing the junk food to the side a little bit.

Q: Did you try that before while in college, trying to gain weight?

A: In college, they always put you on the program. For the most part in college, I was always maintaining. I was always 195, so just maintained that. Coming here, I just tried to make a little bit more emphasis, especially this offseason, just wanted to put on more muscle.

Q: What are you now?

A: 204.

Q: Has the game slowed down for you, do you feel more comfortable?

A: Definitely. That's probably that biggest difference, being able to see everything before it happens on the field. Being able to communicate more with teammates, like the defensive ends and linebackers, because you have to make a lot of calls in this defense. I feel like I'm ten times ahead of where I was last year with that. It's always going to be stuff to learn, so I'm just going to try to continue to learn.

Q: What did you learn from last year?

A: Just being comfortable, I'd say. Also, always being in rhythm just mentally, always making sure I have a perfect routine and sticking it to it. That's one thing I want to make I sure I do this year.

Q: Do you think you'll be back before camp?

A: I think so. Right now we're just taking it day by day. I can see myself out there pretty soon.

Q: When did you hurt it?

A: Thursday. I think it was right before Memorial Day. I've been out there but I haven't done much.

Q: So the GPS running was some time last week?

A: Right. Exactly.

Q: What are your impressions of B.J. Goodson?

A: I think B.J. definitely has confidence out there for sure and that's one of the biggest things you want to see in your middle linebacker. He definitely has that confidence and that voice. I think he's going to be really good for us. All he has to do is make sure that he listens to the veterans around him. and Coach Spags. I think we'll all be ready to rally around him and get him right. I think he's already talented so I'm excited.

Q: What do you think of the other corners like Michael Hunter and Donte Deayon?

A: I like them. They're probably some of my best friends on the team, those two guys. They always work hard, doing everything right. They’re never late, they’re never getting anything wrong on the field, so I always try to watch them and ask them questions as well. They're kind of like veterans out there really, but they're doing a great job so far.

Q: What is better about this team from last year?

A: I think we know where we're at. I think we know what we have to work on. I think last year things were kind on fresh a little bit. Just from me being a rookie, things being a little bit new and fresh, we're just trying to fill out everything. Especially with me, trying to figure out the defense and getting used to things. Now I feel like everybody is confident, they have that experience to know what type of team we are. So we just have to continue to get better every day.

Q: How you feel about Darian Thompson being back?

A: It's great. He's a great football player. Very instinctive, he's always around the ball. He had a great OTA last year in minicamp. I'm just really excited for him to hopefully stay healthy and be out there and progress.

Q: Is he like a new player?

A: He's had a couple of games he's played last year. I'll say he's not a new player, but his attention to detail is way up there with him. You could just see that with everything he's done.

Q: You could tell by his moving?

A: He's moving perfectly fine, too.

Q: How much would you say having him would impact the secondary?

A: I think he's definitely going to help. He had 18 interceptions in college, so we'll definitely need that ball-hawking out there in the secondary but also with depth as well. So just in case, you never know what happens during the season with guys getting hurt, so he's going to be able to help with that and the ball-hawking as well.

Q: How did you handle the diet?

A: When I was in Arizona, I got with the people out there to make sure that I didn't eat too many fast foods because I was out there by myself without my mom. But when I came back I had to talk with my mom.
Okay - just me being a worry-wart...  
Dan in the Springs : 6/2/2017 4:21 pm : link
but I hate when guys gain muscle and then pull hamstrings. Makes me worried that they might be out of balance somehow. He ran as fast as he's ever run and pulled a hamstring. Don't want to see that continue with him - hopefully they take it easy and he learns more about taking care of his hammys because they can be problematic for guys.

OBJ had the problem initially with his and I remember him talking about how he learned from his mom and dad how to properly recover from a strained hamstring. Hoping Eli Apple learns the same things.
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