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Transcript: Quarterbacks Coach Frank Cignetti Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/7/2017 2:42 pm
Quarterbacks Coach Frank Cignetti Jr.

June 7, 2017

Q: What is with the quarterbacks wearing gloves on their left hand?

A: It's not with the New York Giants, but you look around the league, guys that wear the glove on their non-throwing hand, just get more traction, more grip, and it's as simple as that.

Q: Eli has done it at times, is he going to do it all the time now?

A: You're going to have to ask Eli.

Q: Where did this come from?

A: It's just something that came up.

Q: You're still experimenting with it, to see if they're comfortable with it?

A: Absolutely. The offseason is a great time to start and see if you're comfortable doing it.

Q: You think it makes a difference?

A: I couldn't say. I'm not out there playing. I'm not the guy with the glove on the hand. You'll have to ask the guy with hand. You'll have to ask the quarterbacks that are doing it.

Q: So, you're talking less fumbles in the pockets with controlling the ball?

A: No, it's really as simple as this; the offhand is having more grip, better traction on the ball. I wouldn't read into it any more than that.

Q: Davis Webb is attached to your hip, is that what you want to see in a young quarterback?

A: What we try to do with all the quarterbacks - obviously one quarterback is in at a time - the other quarterbacks are either going to be around their position coach, just not the quarterbacks but all the positions, are going to be around their position coach going through that play. Then there may be times if theyíre not around the position coach, they're out there communicating maybe with players who just came off the field. Talking about the adjustments or things that happened in that set of plays.

Q: He's taken to the whole studying and living in the playbook type of guy?

A: Davis is doing a really nice job. Most quarterbacks, in this league, all do a great job in their preparation, they're professionals. Davis is just falling in line with the rest of the guys.

Q: What's your early impression of Geno [Smith]?

A: Very positive. Tremendous work ethic, tremendous passion for the game, smart.

Q: How much of a challenge is it for him to come in, learn a new system, and still be in rehab?

A: He's done a great job acclimating himself to the New York Giants. He's done a great job rehabbing, he's done a great job learning the fundamentals. He's done a great job communicating in the classroom and on the field. Every day we're teaching and learning and Geno has done a great job.

Q: He looks good for someone six months out from an ACL?

A: Yes.

Q: What did you see from Josh Johnson?

A: You could see last season that Josh is a pro. Josh has been in the league. What do I mean by that; he knows how to prepare, he knows how to study, he does a great job in the classroom, he does a great job in the locker room. On the field, he does what he's asked to do, and does it well. The nice thing is to see Josh go through the offseason program now, because he wasn't here the last offseason. The offseason, like McAdoo communicates, is building our fundamentals, building our communication, being in the classroom, then on the field with our teammates. Always teaching and learning. So, Josh has been able to start from jump street in the offseason and itís been great to see.

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