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Transcript: Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/9/2017 3:45 pm
Head Coach Ben McAdoo

June 9, 2017

Q: What was the emphasis of practice today?

A: Situational football. A lot of third down, a lot of red zone and green zone. We didn’t get any two-minute in today, but a lot of situational football otherwise.

Q: What was your overall impression of OTAs?

A: Well, they are finished. It is good to have eight weeks in. We are looking forward to minicamp next week, but we got a lot of teaching and learning done. That is the goal and it looks like we have some chemistry going.

Q: Is there anything different from what you do in OTAs to what you do in minicamp?

A: We will make the day a little bit longer, take our time a little bit more, but everything is in from a teaching and learning standpoint. We just have to polish it up. We will get a little bit longer on the field on Wednesday, but other than that, it is really just an extension of the offseason program the last week.

Q: What makes you say that it looks like the chemistry is coming along?

A: Well, we have a lot of new players that we introduced to the offense, defense and special teams systems and are making progress and learning to work together.

Q: Do you expect everyone to be there? Obviously it is mandatory.

A: Yeah, sure, I expect everyone to be here. I am not spending time talking about attendance, but yeah it is minicamp and we look forward to everyone being here next week.

Q: Owa Odighizuwa said he was taking a break from football. Have you talked to him?

A: Yeah, again I am not going to talk about attendance.

Q: Have you talked to him about his break though?

A: I am not talking about attendance. I keep our personal conversations personal.

Q: What has Evan Engram shown in these OTAs?

A: I think, again, we are excited about the young man. He has a tremendous skillset to do a lot of different things for you. He shows that he is willing as a blocker. Now we have to get some pads on him and get his fundamentals right there. He is a conscientious young man, he works hard at football and seems to enjoy it, he does a nice job in the meetings at this point and I think that he will get better as time goes on. But a lot of times success in this business nowadays, meetings are pretty important. The good players do well in meetings and can take it on the field because there is just not as much time on the field as there used to be.

Q: Adam Bisnowaty spent some time with the first team today. How do you think he responded?

A: He jumped right in there and didn’t miss a beat. Fundamentally he still has a lot of things that he needs to work on, but assignment-wise he was sharp.

Q: Was Jarron Jones playing offense today?

A: He is a flexible young man. We look at our guys in a bunch of different ways in the offseason. We have some position flex periods in there and we like to train them and see what they can do to give them an opportunity to stick in this league, and we took a look at him the last couple of days in a white jersey.

Q: What have you seen from Adam Gettis? He had that preseason game last year that stood out as a struggle. What has he done to kind of earn your trust back?

A: Like a lot of these guys, they go through some tough moments, but they bounce back and he is a guy that has bounced back. He is a strong, physical, combative player and he has done a nice job acclimating himself to the system, to the building and with the rest of the offense.

Q: When Eli talked to us in April he talked about needing to improve and needing to throw less interceptions. How would you assess his progress this spring?

A: Yeah, again, he is working with a lot of new players. He is working on chemistry and developing the chemistry and he will pick things up here as we get heading on to training camp and the preseason and he is out here – he has certain things that he wants to work on as he works through the offseason program and he has made some progress.

Q: Has any of Ereck Flowers’ improvements in fitness and weight loss translated to the field yet?

A: Yeah, it has. He is in tremendous condition. You can see it as practice goes on and especially in a no-huddle period when the ones run back out there for a second time. He is in better condition, so his feet move a little bit better, his technique is a little bit better and, again, it is still early and we need to get the pads on these guys, especially the big guys, and see how they come along with their fundamentals, but it definitely shows.

Q: Can getting tired affect losing your fundamentals?

A: All the time. When they get tired, they lose it. They lose fundamentals and they lose the bendability, the timing, the rhythm in their technique, the pad level. It all suffers.

Q: What is Roger Lewis’ status after his arrest?

A: We are going to let the process take care of itself. It is a legal process right now.

Q: David Tyree said that he had heard a different story concerning Lewis’ arrest. Have you heard a different story?

A: We are going to let the legal process play itself out.

Q: What was your reaction when you heard it.

A: We will let the legal process play itself out. We have to make sure that we put ourselves in good situations.

Q: You had a lot of young guys jump in and take advantage of the absences of other guys. Did anyone in particular kind of stand out to you? Did you like the effort that you saw?

A: I like our first-year players and I like our rookie crew right here. I think that we have a bunch of young players that are going to make a push for playing time and create a very competitive camp. To single a guy out right now, I am going to make sure we get pads on before I start doing that.

Q: We saw a lot of two tight end sets out there. Have you done that more this offseason?

A: No, our counts are pretty much the same as far as who we have by position. They may be a little bit different than from years past, but we have multiple tight end sets. We have five working today, we have six, we have a couple fullbacks in there, so again we are going to take a look at those guys and the only way that you can take a look at them is if you play multiple tight end position groups, but we will see how it goes.

Q: How much do you feel like you are deeper at that position this year?

A: I think that we have one less there than we had last year. But I think that top to bottom it is a competitive group. I think we have guys with different skillsets and they are comfortable in their roles and they are willing to grow into other roles if need be.

Q: What have you seen out of Andrew Adams from last season until now?

A: I just think the confidence and the communication part of things. He has gone through it a year, so that helps. He has had some success and it will be encouraging to see him when the pads come on and getting into the preseason games.

Q: Has Rhett Ellison’s calf been a problem at all during these OTAs?

A: Rhett is sore, so we are being smart with him.

Q: Have Odell Beckham and Oliver Vernon told you that they expect to be here next week?

A: I told you that I am not talking about attendance.

Q: When you have different levels of experience in your quarterback room, how can they benefit from one another?

A: Yeah, I think that it starts with 10. It always has and always will and he does a nice job getting things going in the room. He is not afraid to discuss what he knows and that helps the other guys come along. He is very giving in that regard, and I think that the younger guys in the room are chomping at the bit to get out there and show what they know and what they can do and the throws they can make. It is a very competitive room and an exciting room to be a part of.
The news on Flowers is so encouraging...  
Dan in the Springs : 6/9/2017 4:10 pm : link
his comments confirming the importance of conditioning and how Flowers looks much improved, detailing when it is visible on the field, are great to hear.
^ As BM said  
ColHowPepper : 6/9/2017 5:30 pm : link
let's see what he/they look like in pads when the pads are on, the DL is coming hard at the OL, and the temp is up before we get our hopes up
Benny mac  
River : 6/9/2017 6:01 pm : link
with another no information that means anything, press conference. You would think the reporters are tiring out of stupid questions.
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