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Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/13/2017 5:05 pm
QB Eli Manning

June 13, 2017

Q: Eli, how are you doing?

A: Hey, how are you doing?

Q: Eli, what was it like to see Beckham [Odell Beckham Jr.] out there today?

A: It was good to have everybody out there, out there practicing. I thought we had a good practice. It was sharp. Guys were running around so we just have to continue making improvements. We have got some new guys on the team. We have to get everybody in their position and continue to get better.

Q: Few weeks in, what is your impression of Davis Webb thus far?

A: You know Davis has done a good job just learning the offense. He throws the ball well, so now itís just, for a young guy, it is just learning the system, learning the inís and outís, and getting reps and he has done a good job picking up things quickly.

Q: We havenít talked to you since Evan Engram was drafted, does he provide something this offense has; a) needed and b) hasnít had?

A: Evan is a talented tight end. You know he can run and he can stretch the field. He has done a good job, you know, again learning the offense and picking up things. He is a hard worker so Iíve been impressed with everything so far, but with all the young guys itís reps and itís just seeing what he can handle, how much he can handle, and how much you can move him around and its just getting reps with him and going through the routes.

Q: Eli, just in terms of, talent-wise has this been the best group collectively, skill position-wise that you have had?

A: Yes, there is a lot of talented players and you see some young guys and you need some young guys to step up and weíve added some veteran guys and some of the other guys who have been here a couple of years. So, in the skill position, positions we have some talented guys so it is a matter of making plays on game day, being in the right position, getting them the ball, and letting them make plays.

Q: Eli is it fair to say that there is more of a chip on the shoulder of the offense this year after what happened [last year]? How you guys dropped in the rankings from 2015 to 2016 and have had your struggles?

A: Well, I think we want to get back to where we are scoring points and being explosive and where we can take over a game. So last year, the defense was playing great and we understood that and we had to do our part. It wasnít as easy for us last year, but I think honestly, when we are game-planning this offseason when we are doing things we are going in with the expectations that we need to score a lot of points, and that we can score a lot of points and move the ball and be explosive.

Q: Is there such a thing as coming into the season with a little bit of chip on your shoulder based on how the season ended?

A: Well, I think you always want to improve on the season before. There is always a bad taste in your mouth after you lose a playoff game, especially not playing as well as we could so yes, I think there always is that going into the season, and we have to use that as motivation to make sure we are making improvements and getting better.

Q: Eli, you have been here for obviously 10 OTAs and throwing to guys who are here. What does Odell miss, even though obviously he comes back in great shape, what does he miss by not being here for these 10 OTAís?

A: Not much, he will be fine. He will know what he is doing and he will be ready to go.

Q: Did you remain in contact with Odell when before this week, like when he didnít show up for OTAís?

A: Yes. Iíve been talking to him through the off-season. We text and call and weíve definitely been in touch.

Q: Eli, he spent part of his time at the podium with us talking about personal growth and how he has, my words, he kind of feels like he has matured, it sounds like. Are those good signs moving forward for a young player of his level in this league?

A: Yes, I think for all the young guys it takes a number of years to figure out what you need to do and how to handle things. It is all new to a lot of guys. I was in that same position years ago and had to go through it, had to mature, had to realize things, and just understand how to handle everything that is kind of thrown at you and I think he is doing a good job doing that.

Q: Whatís your advice to him on handling the fame part as the whole? I mean he has got fame that guys donít reach in their careers and heís in year three.

A: Yes, you know I donít have a whole lot [on that]. Obviously, he is at a whole new level and so I think he isÖI donít know if Iím the one to give advice on that but I think he is doing a good job.

Q: Eli, we talked about Evan at tight end for you but also Matt LaCosse is having a great offseason as well. Whatís it like working with him and what is the biggest difference you can see from between last year with him and him now?

A: Yes, I think Matt has done a good job over the years and he is a smart guy. He knows what he is doing and, he is just very precise with his routes and in his decision-making and he has worked extremely hard to come back from his injury, and he is making plays. Just because you can trust him and he is doing things the right way and thatís a lot, I think, about a tight end being on the same time as the quarterback and doing the right things, being very precise with your body language, and he is doing all those things.

Q: In the running back situation, youíve got Paul Perkins and Shane Vereen coming back, but like last year, you have a crowded group back there, especially with some new names in there. What have you seen out of them thus far?

A: Yes, all of the running backs, again, talented guys. All of them can catch the football, can run the ball, so try to move them around and see what they can handle, but all of them have great confidence in them in their pass protection, running the ball, and catching the football.

Q: Eli, in terms of your growth as a player, do you think just being around Odellís level of fame has an impact? Are you better equipped to even just notice all that or have a player like that in your locker room that demands all that attention, are you better equipped as well, in your book?

A: Yeah, I think it happens for everybody. Everybody has to grow with the times and things have changed. The NFL has changed, social media, all that has changed since I have been a New York Giant and so you do have to understand the different personalities and different mindsets of people and how to adjust and handle them.

Q: Eli, does that ever become a distraction for you guys in the locker room? These guys that get asked about Odell and contract situations and why wasnít he here?

A: Well luckily we havenít had any media so they havenít been asked about it so this is the first time. No, you canít make it a distraction; people are going to ask about him. He is an interesting guy and they want to know about what is going on, so you just have to understand that you are going to get asked about a lot of the players and that is just part of it.

Q: Eli, what was your personal reaction when you found out they were going to draft Davis Webb?

A: Well, once they drafted him, nothing to say different than drafting a defensive lineman or a linebacker Iíd say, so Iím fine. We drafted a quarterback 4 years ago with Ryan Nassib so I understand they have to draft a quarterback and they have to draft players on the board who are going to help out down the road.

Q: Eli, what did you think about Coach McAdooís new look? He said guys were getting on him?

A: No, never. You canít get on the head coach ever, right? I thought it looked outstanding, really outstanding.

Q: He said youíve got to keep it fresh.

A: You got to keep it fresh. Yes, youíve got to keep it fresh. I told him you must have media today so thatís why you combed your hair.

Q: Are you pleased with what they did with the offensive line this offseason?

A: Yes, I think the offensive line has done a good job and you have young guys and just like everybody, young guys are going to get better over time, and I think there is the maturity to that and just being able to play fast and understanding your role and understand what you have got to do. See where you have struggled and where you need to make improvements and I think those guys have done that and I think it is going to be a good group.

Q: Ereck Flowers looks different. He looks like he has gotten better. Do you notice that and do you see that and whatís going on the field with him?

A: Yeah, you see it. You see this is a guy, who I think has also matured and just understands what he has to do to get ready, physically and mentally. I think he has had a good camp and youíll see the difference in his play.
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