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IR for mental reasons?

Biteymax22 : 6/18/2017 9:45 am
It's clear OO is going through something very tough mentally which is causing him to miss this off-season.

If this continues into training camp can the Giants place him on the IR for mental reasons and at least retain his rights if he doesn't play?
Wouldn't the NFI list be more appropriate?  
Diver_Down : 6/18/2017 9:53 am : link
Quite frankly, he hasn't done anything of note that the Giants should be concerned about maintaining his rights. The best course of action is for the Giants to release him and encourage him to seek the counseling that he deserves.
Agree with Diver  
Gman11 : 6/18/2017 10:11 am : link
What has he shown that the team should take care of him while he abandons the team? Let him go. If he gets his head straight and wants to make a comeback they could always re-sign him next year.
DNR - did not report is still an option, I think  
Ivan15 : 6/18/2017 10:19 am : link
You save those spots  
Doomster : 6/18/2017 11:26 am : link
for guys you know who can contribute.....
Let's not play dollar store psychology here  
Ten Ton Hammer : 6/18/2017 12:07 pm : link
We don't know what's going on.
You keep OO either with DNR or NFI  
BillT : 6/18/2017 12:08 pm : link
Because that's what the Giants do. They take care of their own.
I haven't heard anything about "mental reasons."  
TC : 6/18/2017 12:56 pm : link
What's the story?

I know he was a no-show, but have no idea what's going on.
BillT for the win, as usual.  
Big Blue Blogger : 6/18/2017 1:40 pm : link
BillT said:
You keep OO either with DNR or NFI...
Because that's what the Giants do. They take care of their own.
Exactly. I think the circumstances point toward NFI, unless Odighizuwa has done something to piss off the team. From what we know, he appears to be suffering a non-football-related illness. That's what NFI is for. Also keep in mind that when the Giants drafted Odighizuwa, they knew his background, and that - no matter how cheerful and healthy he may have appeared - he would always be at elevated risk for all sorts of post-traumatic issues. The team chose to share that risk by drafting him. It would be very disappointing if the team didn't support him now. This isn't about sacks and wins - it's about the life of a young victim of severe domestic abuse, whose family has spent fifteen years under the shadow of the worst stigma imaginable.

You work hard for something all your life  
Vanzetti : 6/18/2017 2:17 pm : link
then injuries slow you and when you do get a chance, you are ineffective. That has to be hard on a guy and then throw in whatever personal issues he might have, he is going through a tough time.

Let's hope it works out for Owa.
RE: You keep OO either with DNR or NFI  
yatqb : 6/18/2017 2:23 pm : link
In comment 13503222 BillT said:
Because that's what the Giants do. They take care of their own.

Bingo. Gotta be something rough going on. Let's hope the kid's OK. Whether or not he can make the team is so inconsequential compared to a young kid's life.
Lord help  
Semipro Lineman : 6/18/2017 2:37 pm : link
some people if talking out of their ass ever gets classified as a mental illness
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