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Does anyone know when Season Tickets will be mailed out?

bubba0825 : 7/9/2017 7:06 pm
Thank You
Thread last week  
redwhiteandbigblue : 7/9/2017 7:18 pm : link
Indicated mailings will begin tomorrow.
I thought it was late July  
johnnyb : 7/10/2017 7:48 am : link
So did I.  
redwhiteandbigblue : 7/10/2017 10:43 am : link
Someone posted last week they were being mailed on the 10th. The thread was deleted so may have been bogus information.
The post that appeared previously was legit  
jsuds : 7/10/2017 3:08 pm : link
It was from the email STH'ers received from the Giants:

2017 season tickets will be mailed to all accounts in good standing beginning July 10, 2017. Season Ticket packages are mailed via USPS. If you have not received your package by July 25, 2017, please notify our office at 201-935-8222. Also, please remember that if you choose to forward, print, donate or resell your tickets/parking pass for a specific event, the barcodes on the tickets/parking we mail you for that event will no longer be valid.
I just received mine today  
Mkdaman1818 : 7/14/2017 11:23 pm : link
STH email indicated they'd be mailed out starting July 10 and I just received mine in the mail today
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