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NFT: Jordan and Jeter close to buying the Marlins?

DanMetroMan : 7/11/2017 8:12 am
A group headlined by Derek Jeter is nearing a deal to buy the Miami Marlins for $1.2 billion, according to a report from the New York Post.

Jeter has long been rumored to be buying the franchise from Jeffrey Loria but has had trouble pooling together the funds required. An initial bid was led by Jeter and former Florida governor Jeb Bush but Bush pulled out of the project in late May, one month after reports had his and Jeterís group nearing a sale agreement.
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meanwhile, Jeb Bush's group has added women's jersey aficionado  
Greg from LI : 7/11/2017 12:26 pm : link
It's spelled  
Deej : 7/11/2017 12:27 pm : link
What happened to reports about the guy from  
jgambrosio : 7/11/2017 12:40 pm : link
Mastec buying them?
Greg from LI : 7/11/2017 12:44 pm : link

The Marlins told the Miami Herald that the Jorge Mas report was false:

Barry Jackson‏Verified account

Marlins vehemently denying Forbes report that deal has been reached to sell team to Jorge Mas. Samson: "No agreement reached with anyone"...

3:36 PM - 10 Jul 2017
I feel Jeter's stewardship is anything like his attempt to buy team  
Essex : 7/11/2017 12:44 pm : link
this will be a disaster. I can't believe MLB will let him purchase after the amount of times financing has fallen through. Also, anyone willing to give Jeter money to run a team is probably not a good businessman as Jeter has never shown how his ability at playing SS is something that would make him a profitable owner in an uncapped non-revenue sharing league. But ok.

P.S. Isn't Miami a terrible pro sports market??
Greg from LI : 7/11/2017 12:45 pm : link
Barry Jackson‏Verified account @flasportsbuzz ∑ 26m26 minutes ago

Rob Manfred tells us again now that Marlins have not picked winning bidder, despite reports to contrary. Said three "viable bidding groups"

The three being Mas, the Jeb Bush group, and the Jordan/Jeter group.
Well, for one thing, south Florida is chock-full of transplants  
Greg from LI : 7/11/2017 12:48 pm : link
Most of whom will retain allegiance to their hometown teams. For another thing, they've been burned by rotten ownership multiple times.

I mean, you'd think baseball in south Florida would be an easy sell - so many pros are from the area, baseball's the national sport in Cuba, etc.
It would sell if they didn't have used car salesmen for ownership  
Ten Ton Hammer : 7/11/2017 12:52 pm : link
Loria is a cancer. Year after year he sells a bill of goods, then blames the city when fans don't immediately buy in and sell out the park. The year they signed Reyes and went after Pujols, he should've been brought up on Fraud charges.

And there's that whole heist of a stadium deal he pulled on the city.
. . .  
Essex : 7/11/2017 12:59 pm : link
In 2003 when they won World Series they averaged 16k in attendance. anyway, still don't understand how Jeter has shown during bidding process anything close to resembling a competent owner. He keeps losing finance, having his former partners go to the other bidders, etc.
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