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NFT: NFT: Sports bloopers?

LCtheINTMachine : 7/13/2017 9:50 am
I came across an article back when Shaq was beefing with Javale McGee and KD about stuff. Shaq makes some good points about bloopers and saying guys are too sensitive.

I agree that Shaq that it seems people are too serious and I found his segment hilarious. I think it would work in a lot of sports. Football does something like that on ESPN, I believe. Bloopers would be great for baseball since it's a slow game but lots of funny stuff happens like the player who ate the fan's ice cream a month ago.

Why do sports not do bloopers? Do you think the players and teams are too sensitive about it and that's why?
Shaq rips anti-blooper stance - ( New Window )
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