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NFT: Scientists store a video in Bacteria DNA

BigBlueDownTheShore : 7/13/2017 11:06 am
Pretty crazy. Think of the implications!
Who needs film when you can store a movie in bacteria DNA? - ( New Window )
do I still need my flash drive  
I Love Clams Casino : 7/13/2017 12:17 pm : link
Let me know when they've cured cancer  
Brown Recluse : 7/13/2017 12:49 pm : link
So they could encode the original Star Wars movie in the DNA  
Marty in Albany : 7/13/2017 2:50 pm : link
and thru the process of evolution, the DNA would generate all the sequels. Mind blowing! ;-)
Think what this  
Beer Man : 7/13/2017 4:41 pm : link
will do for the porn industry
RE: Think what this  
Brown Recluse : 7/13/2017 5:01 pm : link
In comment 13527541 Beer Man said:
will do for the porn industry

This comment would also apply to Erics virtual reality thread.
RE: Let me know when they've cured cancer  
DonQuixote : 7/13/2017 5:06 pm : link
In comment 13527232 Brown Recluse said:

We're Getting there!

"A novel cell treatment that saved the life of 9-year-old Austin Schuetz was given the green light by U.S. regulatory advisers on Wednesday and doctors hope it can save the lives of more children with the most common type of childhood cancer."
Lonk - ( New Window )
iClouds are truly in the sky  
spike : 7/13/2017 10:29 pm : link
now and cheaper
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