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NFT: The Defiant Ones

B in ALB : 7/13/2017 5:49 pm
Anyone catch this documentary on HBO featuring Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre, NWA, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, Bruce, Trent Reznor and others? I just finished Part 3 out of 4 and it's really excellent. Very interesting how all of these artists are connected through Iovine, Interscope Records, etc. Great show, highly recommended.
Just finished parts 3 & 4 last night...  
BC Eagles94 : 7/13/2017 6:19 pm : link
and agree. Thought it was great. Part 3 was my favorite as it got into the albums and beef that were my high school years.
Part 3 was my favorite one too  
FThomas : 7/13/2017 6:40 pm : link
It's always amazing for me to see how respected Tupac Shakur was/is by so many people, and the sadness and regret that they couldn't "save" him.
I started a thread on this  
UConn4523 : 7/13/2017 6:47 pm : link
on Monday but yeah, it's extremely well done. Still have 2 to go.
I'm nearly through 3 parts  
djm : 7/13/2017 7:04 pm : link
Love it.

Hilarious that jimmy asked Stevie nicks to hide in the basement.
Just finished the third one  
figgy2989 : 7/13/2017 7:29 pm : link
It is fantastic. I had forgotten about the Source awards and Suge Knight calling out Bad Boy. Can't wait to watch the 4th and intro if Eminem
True story:  
81_Great_Dane : 7/13/2017 8:40 pm : link
I was just in a meeting for a documentary short I'm working on. Me (director), producer, director of photography. Producer pulls out footage from "The Defiant Ones," shows it to the DP as reference footage.

DP says: "I shot that."

Yeah, he was the DP on "The Defiant Ones." We got the right guy.
You can watch all 4 parts  
SHO'NUFF : 7/13/2017 10:00 pm : link
on HBO Go
Great Documentary  
WillVAB : 7/14/2017 12:08 am : link
Unbelievable how many stars Jimmy has in his resume.
giantfan2000 : 7/15/2017 11:43 am : link
amazing that a guy like jimmy iovine ended up being the guy that made a fortune

i know someone who was totally and completely screwed over by iovine and trent reznor . when apple bought beats

the guy is currently suing for millions ..
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