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NFT: Plant vs Whey protein powders?

GMAN4LIFE : 7/14/2017 8:46 am
Which one do you pick and why? are there advantages over the other one?
Jay Robb whey protein  
Bobby Humphrey's Earpad : 7/14/2017 9:02 am : link
as clean a protein as there is if you can have it.

Also depends on your purpose - size or supplement. I tried soy for fasting reasons but it tasted like crap and felt it didn't produce similar results to whey. If you are trying to pack on size, I've always advocated for Isopure Natural.

for Whey Protein  
Rory : 7/14/2017 9:05 am : link
or any supplement I always target optimum nutrition. Most of their products use minimal filler and are FDA approved. Most
supplement for me. no size  
GMAN4LIFE : 7/14/2017 9:06 am : link
i have heard different things about both. "plant is a cleaner option of protein and more natural"

dont know who to believe
Whey comes from Dairy  
BigBlueDownTheShore : 7/14/2017 9:28 am : link
Dairy is pretty terrible for humans, and the only reason it's apart of the food pyramid is because it dubbed a "super food" sometime in the 50's.
Unless you're avoiding dairy  
AcesUp : 7/14/2017 9:31 am : link
Stick with whey, it's cheaper and has a more complete amino profile. That said, unless you're competing or a body professional of some sort, it's all negligible. Go with whatever fits your diet, ethical and economical requirements.
I would avoid soy protein though  
AcesUp : 7/14/2017 9:37 am : link
A little soy in the diet is fine but it's not something you should be actively supplementing with. Too much soy has been shown to decrease testosterone and raise estrogen levels (which could lead to bitch tits among other problems).
no soy for me  
GMAN4LIFE : 7/14/2017 10:00 am : link
protein is just a supplement for me.

i dont really care about the costs just the one that has less artificial shit in it
Does anyone recommend any other  
twostepgiants : 7/14/2017 10:10 am : link
Supplements or bars?

Im looking at losing the stomach weight and building up a little muscle for someone who has none. I guess like a lean body type thing.

RE: for Whey Protein  
ZogZerg : 7/14/2017 10:14 am : link
In comment 13528034 Rory said:
or any supplement I always target optimum nutrition. Most of their products use minimal filler and are FDA approved. Most

^^ I do the same. I'll even pay more for it.
I take Orgain Organic Meal  
Koffman : 7/14/2017 10:17 am : link
It's an all in one nutrition and it taste btter than most of the natural protein powders. That said I am not a body builder, but just looking more for a nutritional supplement. I also take a couple green powders that are very nutritional, Pure Synergy and Vitamineral Green. The makers of Vitamineral Green also make a very good protein powder called Warrior Blend that is very good.
As a former supp rep  
well...bye TC : 7/14/2017 10:39 am : link
best advice I can give you is dont overthink it. Use what tastes good and is easily digestible for you. Whey>soy for PER (protein effiency ratio). Mix some in your oatmeal in am or maybe a shake at night but supplements are just that. Its about real clean food if you want to make gains/progress
egg protein?  
GiantsLaw : 7/14/2017 12:11 pm : link
as an alternative?
the bar I've been enjoying a lot lately  
PaulBlakeTSU : 7/14/2017 12:42 pm : link
is Questbar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

9 grams of fat (2.5 sat fat), 20 grams of protein, and 20 carbs, with 14 of them being fiber.

I wish it had slightly less fat, but I find that is the best tasting of the cookie dough flavors and I like that it's loaded with fiber.
PaulBlakeTSU : 7/14/2017 12:43 pm : link
21g protein
As a general fyi:  
well...bye TC : 7/14/2017 12:46 pm : link
All products have some degree of off label ingredients. Many protein powders contain creatine for example. They used to spike with Andro but as you recall there were big legal cases that cost athletes Olympics etc. SO no more of that but still fillers and forms of fat not listed. Worst offenders are bars, then RTDs (ready to drink) with powders being the cleanest.
well...bye TC  
PaulBlakeTSU : 7/14/2017 12:56 pm : link
As I stated my bar of choice is Questbar, though I also order SimplyProtein bars. My protein powder is by Strengthlete.

Is there anything glaring about these three products (that you know of) that should give me pause or reason to avoid using them?

Appreciate your knowledge in the field.
Overseer : 7/14/2017 1:25 pm : link
I dig Quest bars, but beware that some (most?) of them including the cookie dough contain sucralose aka Splenda.

No doubt fine from time to time, but personally not something I want to consume daily.

A good alternative, and much cheaper, is the Costco rip-off Quest bars. Better ingredients and MUCH cheaper (~$1 bar). However, they definitely do not taste quite as good as Quest but for me the trade off is worth it.

Link - ( New Window )
PaulBlakeTSU : 7/14/2017 1:33 pm : link
Seems like the difference is that while they both have erythritol and stevia, Kirkland doesn't have the sucralose.

I'll definitely check them out.
Overseer : 7/14/2017 1:40 pm : link
I (like most, including I'm sure you) just look at these bars as a convenient supplement to the real food needed to be healthy & make gains.

So in that context, the Costco ones are sufficient even if they don't taste as good as their more expensive counterparts. At a buck per, they're appealing.
Mike in Long Beach : 7/14/2017 1:53 pm : link
but if you don't work out after using it and just use it as a meal replacement supplement, you'll wind up with the shits.
Thanks for the advice  
twostepgiants : 7/14/2017 2:49 pm : link
Its appreciated.
haper : 7/14/2017 3:05 pm : link
If you are looking for dairy free try plantFusion.
Agree Jay Robb is great  
Spreegal22 : 7/14/2017 9:25 pm : link
I also like Tera's Whey too
I've been using Iso-pure for years  
Hammer : 7/14/2017 11:23 pm : link
Seems ok to me. Not that I would know if it wasn't.
Lawrence_Taylor_56 : 7/15/2017 12:28 am : link
Chicken works too.

No need for powder.
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