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NFT: Shoutout to fellow poster Giants86

blueblood'11 : 7/16/2017 6:56 am
A few days ago I posted to any distance runners about a nagging hamstring issue. You sent me a YouTube link. I checked it out and have been doing the exercises religiously everyday and there is no question it is helping.

The interesting part of it is the stretching aspect of the hamstring in that she doesn't want to stretch it but strengthen it. She believes, and in my case it may very well be true, that I over stretched it and was left with the injury as a result.

Again thanks for the link the exercises are helping immeasurably. As a matter of fact I've been doing some moderate mileage the past few days and there is no question I'm on the road to recovery.
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well...bye TC : 7/16/2017 7:01 pm : link
the strength ratio from quad to hammy should be 3:2. Most runners are quad dominant for obvious reasons. They need to do specific hammy strengthening work.
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Giants86 : 7/17/2017 9:16 am : link
I know more about running and injuries then I do about football and the Giants. Keep running!! Two of my great friends are runners and chiropractors so I get some of my knowledge from them. And by the way both of them diagnosed me with something else initially.
blueblood'11 : 7/17/2017 12:34 pm : link
Initially all signs pointed to bursitis. But as it turns out it was a high hamstring injury which takes a long time to recover from I'm finding out. I've been an avid runner almost all my life and some people in my family don't quite understand my angst.

They don't realize how important the running is to my lifestyle. I've been running a lot of years and I'm not ready to put it aside. I just feel I have too many good miles left in this aging body and in not ready to pack it in.
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