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NFT: Nats to get Madson and Doolittle from A's

Jints in Carolina : 7/16/2017 1:22 pm
Ken Rosenthal

Sources: #Nationals acquiring Doolittle and Madson from #Athletics for Treinen and two prospects.
The two prospects are  
ZGiants98 : 7/16/2017 1:52 pm : link
Jesus Luzardo and Sheldon Neuse. These were the Nats number 6 and 10 prospects according to
DanMetroMan : 7/16/2017 2:17 pm : link
move for the Nats. Very cheap price for what they got. Surprising.
Mr. Nickels : 7/16/2017 2:32 pm : link
also sent Blake Trenian
Is Madson  
Mr. Nickels : 7/16/2017 2:33 pm : link
the undisputed closer? I added him in fantasy..
Nice move for the Nats.  
Dave in Hoboken : 7/16/2017 2:35 pm : link
RE: Is Madson  
26.2 : 7/16/2017 2:57 pm : link
In comment 13529409 Mr. Nickels said:
the undisputed closer? I added him in fantasy..

No word on that yet. I'm gonna add him too. I think he'll be the guy more often than doolittle. I also don't think the nats are done. I bet they still go after another closer. They are still looking at Brad Hand, Iglesias and probably still Robertson, among others.
26.2 : 7/16/2017 2:59 pm : link
As a Nats fan, I love this move. Those were decent prospects, but neither are close to the majors. Treinan probably could use the change of scenery. His season couldn't have started out any worse.
wish yanks would unload their  
xman : 7/16/2017 3:15 pm : link
bullpen to the Nats
RE: wish yanks would unload their  
section125 : 7/16/2017 3:20 pm : link
In comment 13529430 xman said:
bullpen to the Nats

It would be an improvement for both teams........
RE: They  
Jints in Carolina : 7/16/2017 3:21 pm : link
In comment 13529408 Mr. Nickels said:
also sent Blake Trenian

Yep. It's in the original post.
Surprised Oakland couldnt get more  
MetsAreBack : 7/17/2017 9:45 am : link

especially with this much time still to go ahead of the deadline.
I just read on CBS that Washington  
robbieballs2003 : 7/17/2017 2:34 pm : link
wanted Madson but the trade grew to include Doolittle. So, there is speculation that Madson will be the primary closer.
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