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Thursday Media Transcript: Center Weston Richburg

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/27/2017 1:00 pm
Center Weston Richburg

July 27, 2017

Q: Does the team welcome high expectations coming into the season?

A: Well, we expect it of ourselves, too. Weíre in unison in that expectation and weíre going to put in the work thatís necessary to try to get that done.

Q: How much more pressure does high expectations place on players?

A: I mean, weíre in the NFL, thereís pressure no matter what. So, I donít think it puts any more pressure on us. We understand whatís at stake and whatís required of us.

Q: How much of a balance is it to flush out how last season ended, while still using it as motivation for this year?

A: Thatís over, itís a new year. Iím ready to take our schedule this year and focus on that and not worry about last year.

Q: What is the biggest different in the offensive line from last year going into this year?

A: Another year of maturity. Weíve been together all last year, and then looking into this year, weíve got the same guys there and I think one of the biggest things that helps an offensive line is continuity. So, weíre going to try to take that continuity, stay healthy, make sure weíre all playing together as much as we can.

Q: Have you gotten to work with the new additions to the offensive line yet and what are your impressions on them?

A: Yeah, weíve gotten a lot of good work and weíve got a lot of good guys in the room right now that complement the guys that we had there before. Itíll be fun having them this training camp. Weíll push them, theyíll push us to be better and I think weíll be a good unit.

Q: What was your approach to conditioning going into this season?

A: My approach is different from [the rest of the offensive line] because those guys are bigger, guys that may struggle with weight. Iím different in that situation, so you approach it from different ways depending on your situation. Hopefully weíre all conditioned and ready to go.

Q: Are you surprised that all five starters on the offensive line from last season will get a chance to start again this year?

A: Iím not surprised, no. And I donít have any say in that anyway. Iíve just got to focus on what I can focus on, make the improvements that I know need to be made and worry about what I can control.

Q: What do you make of the vote of confidence that all five starters on the offensive line from last season returned this year?

A: I think we can take it as a vote of confidence. That says to us that [the organization] believes in us and we can be the unit that takes this team where we want to go. So, weíve got to put in the work to make sure that happens.

Q: Do you think there is a step that needs to be taken with cohesion and comradery among the offensive line?

A: I think there always is. And thatís a cool thing about our group, is weíre always together. I donít think thereís any other group thatís always around each other as much as we are. So, thatís a good thing about our room. Weíre always together and spending time together, so I think the comradery will come and it will build each and every week that we play together.

Q: Have you seen tackle Ereck Flowers grow?

A: Yeah, weíve all grown. Thatís how this thing goes. Iíve grown since I first got here, heís grown since heís first got here, everybody has. So, that maturity is definitely going to help us as well.

Q: How much of an advantage is it for the offensive line to go up against the Giantsí defensive line during training camp?

A: Yeah, itís big time. Those guys at those positions are some of the best in the NFL, so to be able to go up against them will definitely benefit us in the long haul.

Q: Does the offensive line say, ĎWe didnít have our best year last year, we have to improveí?

A: As an offensive unit, we didnít have our best year. I think we can play so much better than we did last year and Iím looking forward to getting a lot more production and being better offensively to help our defense.

Q: Did you pay a little bit more attention to the contracts free agent centers were receiving this offseason?

A: You know, I didnít, really. I just said it earlier, I can only control what I can control. So, thatís what Iím focused on and if my focus is anywhere else, itís not going to help me.

Q: Talk about the child in Texas who is battling cancer that you visited this season and the new perspective it gives you.

A: His name is Jayro Ponce and heís from Follett, Texas, which is a small town outside of Amarillo in the Texas panhandle. Heís got a pretty severe cancer and he reached out, heís a big Giants fan, obviously an Odell fan. We found out about it in April I believe and I went out and visited him and his family. And just the fact that a kid whose gone through more than Iíve ever gone through in my 26 years Ė heís not even 10 years old Ė that just really touches me that somebody wants me to be a part of their of their life. And then I guess last week Odell was made aware of the situation, my dad had a big part in it and Odell went out to see him. There were people all over the Texas panhandle who pitched in to get Odell out there to see him. Just the fact that Odell took time out of his schedule Ė which Iím sure is busier than any of us can imagine Ė to go see Jayro, it was really cool to see that. It speaks volumes to the kind of person Odell is and the kind of player he is.

Q: How did people in Texas pitch in to help get Beckham to Jayro?

A: Transportation was the biggest issue and that was able to happen. Some people provided the means for transportation and then money was raised to get the fuel and everything done to get Odell down to Texas.

Q: Have you talked to Beckham about his time with Jayro?

A: I havenít talked to Odell yet. I just sent him a quick thank you after he did that. But again, I played a tiny role in this. There were a bunch of people back in Texas that really wanted to make this happen for Jayro and they put in the funds towards making it happen. It was really cool.

Q: Did Jayro give you any message about what he would like to see the Giants accomplish this season?

A: I donít remember anything specific, but Iím sure he wants to see us do well and he wants to see Odell do a lot of dances in the end zone. Heís a big Odell fan and I was just taken that Odell went and did that for him. That was a big deal.

Q: What impression did visiting Jayro leave on you?

A: Well, first off, the fact that he wants anything to do with me when heís going through that is Ė that shows you that people are always watching and you have an impact whether you like it or not. And then, you know, heís not even 10 years old, going through something that a lot of people never go through. So, you know, times like training camp you think itís tough, you can really reflect on Jayro and what he goes through and get motivation from him.

Q: Did Beckham going to visit Jayro surprise you?

A: I donít think it surprised me. But it was really touching to see that he was willing to take time out of his schedule. And I think it all happened in one day, too. So, he flew pretty far across the country in one day to make that happen for Jayro.

Q: Was Jayro in the hospital when you saw him?

A: When I saw him? Well, he wasnít as bad as he is now in his condition. It was at his treatment center, but I was able to visit with him in the facility.

Q: Is Jayro in any condition to possibly make plans to try and get him to the Giants vs. Cowboys game in Dallas this season?

A: Itís not looking too good right now. My prayers are with him. I would encourage everyone to pray for him and keep your thoughts on him and his family. But the situation is not too good right now for Jayro.
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