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Thursday Media Transcript: CB Eli Apple

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/27/2017 3:53 pm
CB Eli Apple

July 27, 2017

Q: Are you healthy and ready to go?

A: Yes sir, 100 percent.

Q: What happened during minicamp?

A: Just got a little illness. Sometimes things happen, but I feel good now.

Q: Is the hamstring all good?

A: Yes sir.

Q: How would you describe the feeling heading into year two?

A: I think for me, I feel real confident. I think as a team weíre feeling really confident. Just kind of build off of what we had last year and I think just with the group of guys that we got and the news guys coming in too, weíve got something real special. Itís just about putting the work in now.

Q: What will change for you in year two?

A: I think Iím a lot more comfortable with the defense, a lot more comfortable with the guys. Now itís just about like I said, putting the work in and just going hard every day.

Q: Have any veterans verbalized to you that you have to understand that playoffs are not a guarantee every year and the work still has to be put in?

A: Yeah, definitely. We have high expectations for ourselves and we know that now itís just about, like I said, continue to put the work in, continue to just watch film and work hard because we know that we have to actually go out there and really play hard. Nothingís given to us, weíve got to go out and continue to take every day.

Q: How comforting is it that so many defensive players are returning this season and how much more can you do because of that?

A: It definitely helps a lot. I think it helps with our chemistry, being comfortable with each other and know what we expect from each other as football players and people. So, I think thatís going to really be beneficial for us during the season. Just building off what we did last year and just continue to just grow up as a defense.

Q: Do you enjoy when you see the media constantly rank the Giantsí secondary as one of the best in the league?

A: Yeah, I guess thatís cool. But itís one thing for the fans I guess to look at, but for us, we just know weíve got to put the work in. Nothingís going to be given to us at all, all that stuff doesnít really mean anything for this year. Weíve got to just go out and prove to everybody and ourselves that weíre a top defense. Weíre just thinking about how we can come together and how we just have to continue to work.

Q: Did you maintain the weight that you put on in the spring?

A: Yeah, I did.

Q: Is that where you want to be?

A: Yes sir. Itís around like 202 [pounds]. Around that area.

Q: How do you think that weight change will make a difference on the field?

A: I think it will make a big difference. Just being more consistent I think, just being stronger. Being able to just take more punishment and all that stuff and just being healthy.

Q: What was your weight heading into training camp last year?

A: I think I came in here around 195.

Q: How much does cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie help you?

A: I think ĎDRCí, his versatility, he just helps our whole defense. The one guy we can move him around, he can bounce, like play inside. Especially if somebody in the secondary gets hurt. So, heís interchangeable in that area. And he helps me too because he helps me out with the defense, heís very knowledgeable, heís very smart. So, Iím just glad that somebody like him is on our team. Even ĎJack Rabbití [Janoris Jenkins], everybody on the defense you have to be able to be versatile and move around.

Q: In what areas can you improve?

A: Just want to be better overall as a football player. No crazy goals, I just want to improve and help my team as much as possible to get to the Super Bowl and win it.

Q: What were you doing at the end of last season to help get your hand on the ball more?

A: Itís about film study, itís about understanding yourself as a player, understanding what the offense is going to do to try and attack our defense. So, just becoming smarter, becoming more mentally savvy out there on the field and just keeping the state of mind, everything just kind of plays into that. Thatís something I also want to be Ė thatís a goal of mine and I think thatís the goal for our defense, just creating more turnovers and causing more havoc.

Q: Is there a difference going into this year as opposed to last?

A: Definitely a difference, for sure. I think just a lot more excitement now with this year. This team, weíre just really anxious to get out there on the field and just excited to get out and show what kind of team we are.

Q: Do you think there are Super Bowl expectations for this team?

A: Definitely. I think we have high expectations, but itís not about talking about it, itís about going out there and putting the work in.

Q: Did you sense the uncertainty heading into last season and is that not the case this year?

A: Well, I think thatís the case every year for every team, no matter what type of situation youíre in. But I know our coaching staff did a great job just getting everybody comfortable and acclimated. I didnít really feel like they were a new coaching staff or anything, I could tell they were seasoned and experienced. Especially Coach McAdoo, he was just very confident the first day and I think that kind of feeds off everybody else too.

Q: Will it help having Super Bowl expectations this year?

A: Thatís just the expectation every year, of course. You always want to end the season with a victory, a championship, a Super Bowl. So, thatís just the expectation that we have for ourselves and thatís the main goal right now.

Q: Is it a different feeling walking into the building this year, already knowing most of the players and staff?

A: I think itís kind of the same with me, I kind of came in with a little new look, some of the guys just looked at me and they didnít really recognize me at first, so Iíd introduce myself all over again [laughs]. Itís not the same thing in my opinion, every season is different and you can just see it in the guys, I can just see the excitement in their looks. They just know what kind of team we have and what kind of season weíre expecting ourselves to have if we keep working.

Q: Who has the better new look, you or Coach McAdoo?

A: I havenít even seen Coach McAdoo yet, but Iím always going to go with myself [laughs].

Q: What led to the decision to change your look?

A: Just wanted to start off fresh, thatís all. Itís been awhile, I havenít had this [hair] since the last time we won the championship over at Ohio State. So, itís just a little fresh start, thatís all.

Q: Did other players get on you for the new look?

A: Yes, already. Theyíre slapping my head a little bit, theyíve been getting on me.
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