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Friday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/28/2017 4:33 pm
QB Eli Manning

July 28, 2017

Q: What was your reaction to the Frasier the Lion story yesterday?

A: I thought it was good, you know, good story. Never heard of Frasier, so good to know.

Q: Do you have an issue with pitch count and trying to keep yourself fresh?

A: No. Nothing new. Iíve been on pitch counts before. I donít know if Iím actually on an actual pitch count, but thereís been a system since (Ben) McAdooís been here. Kind of having a system of kind of having a heavy throw day, you know, kind of dialing it down with a lighter day after a heavier load. Thereís always been a system that weíve talked about in the quarterback room on which days weíre going to kind of, you know, take more throws and which days youíre going to take a little less. And, itís more like an individual period. Once practice starts and youíre going against defense, itís all the same. Itís just kind of more the warmup period going routes versus air. Those type of things where you can, certain days, you know, you can limit 10-15 throws on certain days.

Q: Would it be fair to say that youíre going to throw more now to the guys that youíve played with than third string guys trying to make the team?

A: I mean thatís kind of on some of the days where you are, ĎHey this is a lighter throwing day. We had a big load yesterday on the throws.í So on that day, ĎHey, get your reps and throw to Odell (Beckham) and Brandon (Marshall) Evan (Engram) and (Sterling) Shepard. Youíre not just getting throws to get throws in.

Q: How would you describe the quarterback room this year?

A: You know, itís different. Obviously Josh (Johnson) was here last year, so he knows the system. But, itís really his first training camp with us. You have three guys going through their first training camp with the Giants. So, thatís a little different just having that many young guys. Weíre having great conversations, you know, between the coaches in there and the players just asking questions. Asking me questions. So, I enjoy it. I enjoy that part of Ė I think a great way to learn an offense is kind of being able to teach it a little bit. You can really communicate the reads, the conversations, how you want to go over whether youíre calling the plays or letting a receiver know what his route is or what his responsibilities are. I think it helps better prepare me for the season as well.

Q: There is a bit of competition for your backup job. How much attention do you pay to that?

A: I think youíre paying attention to what the other guys are doing in practice. You want to help everybody go out there and play well, practice well and be prepared for games. So, I think when you can have a talkative quarterback room and a positive room and everybody helping out each other, thatís a good thing and thatís what weíre trying to create Ė that dynamic in there.

Q: Does talk about your age drive you at all and do you want to silence that?

A: I know how old I am. I donít think thereís anything wrong with being 36. Iím proud of it. Hey, I feel good. I can still make all the throws. I can still run around when I need to. So, it is what it is. But, I donít see myself slowing down at all and I feel like I still got great football ahead of me.

Q: Do you agree that this is the most talent you have had around you?

A: Weíll see. Thereís some talented guys out there that can come together as a group, as a team, as an offense and put it all together. We have some new guys. We have to get on the same page with them. Iíve got to work with them these next months and into the season to get better, make sure weíre hitting all reps. Hitting everything we need to be so come game time weíre on the same page and we can connect on those plays and give us an opportunity to make some big plays. Also continue to grow with Odell (Beckham Jr.), continue to grow with Sterling Shepard and get the running backs in the game. I think there is the possibility of us being a special group, a very talented group. Itís all going to come down to how do we perform, how do we practice and what are we doing game day.

Q: What do you expect of demand from your offensive line?

A: Those guys are tough, you know. They work hard, they know what theyíre doing, weíve got a good group in there. They take pride in what theyíre doing and theyíre angry about how theyíre talked about Ė itís a good thing. They have a lot to prove; they want to go out there and play well, and I have a good feeling they will.

Q: How has it been working with TE Rhett Ellison?

A: We missed a lot of time in the spring. Rhett had injuries so he missed some time, but he was out there today running around, so it would be good to have him in the mix. We can move him around to different spots and have him do a lot of different things. Heís a smart guy, a tough guy, and he got some good work in during the early parts of the spring, got filled in on what his responsibilities are, what his job is with the offense. I think heíll do a good job and help us out because he can do a lot of different things.

Q: Are you bothered by WR Odell Beckham Jr.ís statement about being the highest paid player in the NFL?

A: I didnít see it, but no it doesnít bother me at all. Sounds, you know, could be right.

Q: What do you think of the possibility of a wide receiver being in the quarterback ranks of money?

A: I donít get involved in other peopleís contracts, so whenever that comes up, I hope he gets a good one.

Q: Do you think your time with Brandon Marshall has come further along since minicamp?

A: I think we did a good job maintaining what we knew and what we learned. Like anything, you see with kids in school, you take the summer or six weeks off and you forget a lot of things. I think a lot of that was reminding him of different signals and different depths on some of his routes and just have him mentally go through some of those things so heís fresh. So, when he comes into these practices heís not having to think, oh thatís this many steps, or this is this route, or what this signal is. When that happens faster, he can play even faster.

Q: Pugh said driving to camp felt like a kid before Christmas, do you feel anything special about this year?

A: Yeah. Iím excited about the year. Just because knowing the guys and the character that we have on this team. Guys have worked hard in the spring; we got better and added some elements, and so Iím excited about raising our level of play and being explosive on offense and scoring points and having a strong defense. So, the possibilities are there. We just got to get to work and we got to make it happen.

Q: Are you at a point with your offensive weapons that you say you can really stress the defense?

A: We got to see what these guys can do. We got to put in our offense, run our plays, and now itís just a matter of getting on the same page and having our core offense and plays, making sure guys had a run on what their assignments are and sound in the timing of our offense. As we start game planning certain teams to see how theyíre playing us, then you can game plan a little more and putting guys in certain positions to do well. But right now, itís more of letís get the basics of the offense down and make sure everyone knows exactly what theyíre doing and theyíre doing it the right way.
Eli is not slowing down.  
oldog : 7/28/2017 5:14 pm : link
There is just no slowing down from dead slow. But SB 42 showed that he can dodge when he has to.
Interesting that Eli  
LCtheINTMachine : 7/28/2017 5:54 pm : link
didn't mention Webb by name.

We are fawning all over Webb's study habits; methinks it's time for some 'rookie hazing' for the heir apparent.
IF the line can give him time  
David B. : 7/28/2017 7:06 pm : link
-- for like more than a 3 step drop -- he's gonna carve the shit out of opposing defenses this year. But that's the big "IF."
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