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Saturday Media Transcript: CB Janoris Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/29/2017 4:18 pm
CB Janoris Jenkins

July 29, 2017

Q: Janoris can you explain to us what happened on that interception where the whole team pretty much got involved in afterwards?

A: It was a deep ball and I basically went up and got it at the highest point and came down with the ball.

Q: What was it like to have the entire team afterwards get involved in the return? The defense was blocking for you and the offense was getting involved too, maybe even some of the coaching staff?

A: Itís all about preparation and preparing to take the ball to the end zone and if the offense throws an interception they have to make a tackle so we are always just preparing.

Q: Does that make you more attentive when you are on the side? I guess you have to watch for interceptions now even when you are not playing?

A: Not really. You are just perfecting your game, offense and defense. If the offense throws an interception, they have to make a tackle, right? Somebody has to get him down. And whenever we get the ball we have to score, so everybody is just trying to get better.

Q: How much do you think it is going to benefit you going up against a receiver like Brandon every day because you didnít really have a receiver like that last year in practice?

A: Itís going to be helpful. Heís a big guy, heís physical. He can go up for the ball and guys like Eli can get it to him so, I think it can be very helpful.

Q: So to get different tastes of players will you matchup with Odell another day just to maybe work on that kind of receiver?

A: Oh yeah, I am going to matchup with everybody. I will try to work the right and left side, whatever I feel like working on and just getting better. I am going to compete with Odell. Itís the first day. They know he like to get physical, I like to get physical and we like to compete. Heís going to work his way around and we are going to have fun and just get better.

Q: In your opinion, how does Brandon and Odell complement each other because they bring different skill sets.

A: Right, you got a big guy, physical guy, and then you got a quick, shifty, fast, do everything type of guy. You just have to switch your techniques up when you play those types of guys. Just got to go out there and compete.

Q: But you got to have cornerbacks who are able to switch their techniques up and that is not always so easy is it?

A: Right. That is why you practice and learn and try to get better.

Q: You would like to see that be a problem for other corners right?

A: Oh of course, just working both sides is better for me. For other cornerbacks I really donít care.

Q: Janoris what are your thoughts on Odell wanting to be the highest paid player in the NFL?

A: Hey man I am just focusing on football. Odell knows what he wants. The organization knows. They are going to take care of him, itís just a matter of time.

Q: Is he the best player in the NFL to be paid as the highest paid player in the NFL?

A: In my opinion he is. He works hard. He comes out here and competes. He makes all types of plays. Sometimes you just got to be rewarded.

Q: How much is that topic something you guys discuss in the locker room? Obviously there is a video out there so everyone sees what he said.

A: Well to be honest, in the locker room we donít have those kind of problems. When we are in the locker room we are just focus on football. Odell is staying focused and keeping his head on. He understands when his time comes whether it is now or later, he is going to get paid the way he is supposed to get paid.

Q: Itís not even a casual conversation you have with other guys?

A: No, we donít even talk about money. We talk about getting better and trying to win a championship.

Q: Do you believe players deserve to be paid regardless of their position they have? Right now quarterbacks are at the higher echelon of the pay period, but do you think regardless of the position you should get it based off of your production, super star status or whatever it is kind of similar to the NBA?

A: Whatever you do on the field speaks volumes. Everybody in the sky can see it, in the stadium, everywhere, they can see it. They understand talent and what should be paid and what should not be paid and once again the opportunities are going to come. You just have to be patient.

Q: What was your impression on the year that Landon had last year with all of the big plays he made and what not?

A: I was impressed. I came in and I didnít know how he played, as camp went on we learned together and figured them out. Itís all about paying attention to the small details of being a pro. Getting it right, correcting the secondary and just understanding the game.

Q: Obviously the numbers were huge for him last year with impact plays, is it a challenge to back that up the next year and manage your expectations when you expect him to do those things again.

A: I donít think itís a challenge. Itís all about doing better than what you did last year. Competing at a high level and putting the fifth trophy in the case.

Q: Going back to Landon for a minute, how much did his development and growth make it easier for you and Eli?

A: Really easy. Once you have a safety back there that understands and recognizes the whole field while itís going on, itís easy to count on him being over the top. Just count on him to being where he is supposed to be at the right time.

Q: Janoris it is obviously very early in camp, but what is it like to work out with some veterans and newcomers?

A: Itís good man because you got to bond as a team, as a unit. Itís all about bonding. Guys like Valentino (Blake) come in here and we welcome them with open arms but its all about bonding and having fun.

Q: What about guys like Duke (Ihenacho) who have spent time with a division rival?

A: We joke and laugh, but once again, it is all about having fun and being able to communicate with each other.

Q: What is your impression on some of the rookie newcomers guys like Nigel Tribune back there?

A: They are going to make a very big impact.

Q: Janoris how can you have a better year than you had last year because you were dominant. You really did not give up a lot so, how can you get better?

A: Focusing on the small things, like the details and technique and once again the fundamentals that is what it all comes down to. If you are going to be there to make the play, itís all about making the play. As far as me getting better, just small things like cover 2 to get my hands on it, just the small things.

Q: When you look at the Giants offense, how much more difficult is it going to be for opposing defenses just to play against them when you have Marshall, Beckham, Engram, Sterling?

A: In the NFL, you have to have at least three cornerbacks, but you might need five to cover those guys. And they come out and work man every day. You can see it as a defense everyone is getting better. Nobody is trying to take a step back or trying to be too much. It is all about getting better and having fun.

Q: How big of an advantage is that for you guys? No. 10 overall pick (Apple), Pro Bowler (Jenkins) and All-Pro (Rodgers-Cromartie)?

A: I mean it is good, but we still got to come out here and work. Other teams, other divisions, they are out working. They are trying to beat us as bad as we are trying to beat them. So it is all about working and staying competitive and focusing on the small things.

Q: Do you think you guys are the best cornerback trio in the league?

A: Once again, Iíll say it for the second time, we can be special as we want to be. We got to continue to jell, pay attention to coach and we can be something special.
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