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Sunday Media Transcript: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/30/2017 3:48 pm
TE Evan Engram

July 30, 2017

Q: Do you still feel like a rookie after having the spring season under your belt?

A: A lot of the guys remind me, but Iím definitely coming around. Iím starting to get the rust off with learning the plays and starting to get more comfortable out there. Definitely going to have that rookie tag, but I feel comfortable out there flying around.

Q: Even though itís only been a few days, are they (the coaching staff) throwing more at you than they did in spring?

A: I feel like Iím definitely more evolved in protection and the running game since we started. Definitely, thatís a big part of the game and something I have to get down. I embrace it, and thatís probably the biggest thing on my plate right now.

Q: What similarities have you seen from the way youíre utilized in this offense to college?

A: When Iím in the slot, I do a lot of similar things that I did at Ole Miss. They kind of move me around; backfield, slot, outside. Itís kind of similar to the way they bounce me around a little bit, use my versatility. Thatís probably the biggest similarity.

Q: How comfortable do you feel with all the blocking stuff theyíre asking you to do?

A: Thatís the biggest term (blocking) of them all right now. Iím comfortable putting my face in there. There is a lot of technique stuff Iím trying to get down and working on. Itís something I embrace. Itís something I know I can get down. There is a lot of technique, a lot of small things that go into being successful at it.

Q: Is that the area you feel like you have most improved in camp right now?

A: Definitely. I got a little stronger and put on a little more weight. Iím learning some things, learning some more technique that helps me in the trenches, so definitely. I feel like I improved a lot and Iím excited to get the pads on.

Q: Are you looking forward to see some of the heavy hitters on this defense?

A: (Laughs) Yeah, actually I am. Those guys fly around and theyíre, I think, the best defense in the league. Theyíre going to make us better and we have to embrace competition. So itís going to make us stronger and make us a more complete offense going ahead up on them and being physical with them.

Q: Head Caoch Ben McAdoo talked yesterday about how much this offense asks tight ends to do. How complicated is it to learn and how many different things are you getting exposed to that you have to learn?

A: Honestly, the offense in college, the tight end was by far the toughest position to learn so I was already kind of adjusted to that, being asked to do a lot. But like I said with the blocking, this is a lot of different technique stuff that I have to learn that I didnít really get to master and nearly get the reps in college. Tight ends are kind of the Swiss army knife, especially like ours, so thereís a lot we have to learn. But, thereís a lot of technique for us to learn so we can be successful in the things we have to do.

Q: Obviously different positions, but would you ever compare yourself to WR Brandon Marshall as a pass-catcher.

A: A big body, fast receiver that goes and chases the ball. Thatís what I want to be. Heís been doing that for years and I would love to mold my game after his game in the receiving aspect.

Q: How unique to you find the way that Ben (McAdoo) involves everyone after an interception? Whatís that like for you and have you ever seen anything like that?

A: Yeah, itís fun unless I come off the field after four plays, and Iím tired and Iím chasing down the defensive back. Weíre a team. When thereís a mistake made or something like that happens, a crazy change of events, we have to be on our toes, so I definitely love that.

Q: I assume thatís something that he said during a team meeting and said, ĎHey, this is something that weíre going to do when thereís an interception.í

A: In the game?

Q: No, not in a game. Like before the first practice?

A: (Laughs) I think thatís just been the thing they do. That was just one day, my first couple of days out here, they threw a pick and everyone started running. I was really lost. Iím used to it now.

Q: How would you describe your relationship with QB Eli Manning on and off the field?

A: Just getting to know each other. Definitely building chemistry and just being one of the guys. Eating lunch with him, talking to him, making corrections on the field. Just getting to know him and being comfortable around each other. I have to be where he wants me to be. I have to take a lot of things and he helps me with a lot of stuff too. Itís a growing relationship and Iím just trying to learn as much as I can from him and be the best guy on the offense to help him out.

Q: Is it fun for you to be a young guy that gets to come in and immediately work with a Hall of Fame quarterback potentially?

A: Definitely. Itís been a dream of mine to come into the NFL, but to be here with these great vets and all these great weapons and this great defense and this great organization. Itís a blessing and something Iíll take advantage of. Itís really exciting and cool to be around these guys and itís a blessing to learn from them and be able to go compete with them.

Q: How beneficial is it to you that to start your NFL career, youíre pitted in the middle of a competition with a lot of young guys and veterans alike?

A: Competition makes everybody better. It makes everybody bring their best material each and every day. Those guys in the tight end room, we all help each other and we all push each other. From day one, those guys have had open arms with me coming into the meeting room. Colin Thompson and I are the young guys in the offense and theyíve been nothing but great help for us. We push each other, we put in the reps with each other, we support each other when we do good things and help each other when we make mistakes. Competition makes everyone better and I couldnít be in a better room.

Q: Have you had to unlearn anything from your days in college?

A: Definitely. Just small things like releases on routes or different, total opposite techniques in blocking. I canít stress it enough, technique is everything at this level. Thereís a lot of different stuff that Iíve had to shake off, or whole habits that Iím trying to get out of.
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